Northwest Passage 2011: ‘Europe to the Pacific over the top!’

As we prepare for the upcoming Arctic season it is interesting to note the strong interest in the Northwest Passage. EYOS Expeditions is working with a number of owners/Captains to arrange a traverse of this fabled route this summer and in 2012. Many private yachts make the traverse from Atlantic to pacific via the Panama Canal, though a few send their vessels around Cape Horn so that whilst they are in southern Argentina they can strike across the Drake Passage for the Antarctic.

A new alternative is ‘across the top’, traversing northern Alaska and Canada in Amundsen’s footsteps to become one of very few (less than 200) that have sailed the length of this traverse.

EYOS Expeditions provides vessel with detailed planning support, specialist staff (Ice Pilot, Polar bear Guard, Inuit speaking guides and Expedition Leaders) to supplement and support existing crews.

The advantages of this route are immense.  Excellent polar cruising with its wide clear landscapes, polar wildlife, Inuit culture and of course the knowledge that few have sailed this route, make the Northwest passage a new frontier for adventurous vessels and Owners. The positioning of a vessel to undertake the North West Passage provide the opportunities for addition expeditions to Greenland and through Alaska and the Aleutians.