Peter Butz of EYOS Expeditions

Peter Butz

Chief Operations Officer

Peter has spent over 35 years in the expedition industry, both leading expeditions onboard and organizing them from ashore. After receiving his BS degree in Development and Resource Economics from the University of California, he spent several years backpacking around the world to far-flung destinations.

Inspired to continue traveling and exploring for a living, he joined the pioneering adventure travel company Lindblad Travel, driving Zodiacs and serving as Expedition Leader on the company’s expedition ship Lindblad Explorer on its voyages to the remotest parts of the globe including Antarctica, the Great Barrier Reef, the Arctic and the Amazon.

In 1981 he joined Special Expeditions (now Lindblad Expeditions).  There, Peter sailed as Expedition Leader around the world, including extensive periods in Alaska, Baja California, Papua New Guinea, the Arctic and the Amazon.  In 1989, he transitioned ashore to manage vessel operations for the company.  For the next twenty-five years, initially as Vice President of Fleet Operations, and later as Chief Operations Officer, he managed the growth of Lindblad Expeditions’ fleet to six vessels deployed in global operations, including Antarctica, Galapagos, the Arctic, and Alaska.

Today, Peter is EYOS’s Chief Operations Officer, where he has responsibility for the company’s day-to-day operations and resources. His decades of pioneering experience ensure your expedition will be managed and supported by an unsurpassed shoreside team.