5 Deeps

EYOS selected to lead unprecedented expedition to the deepest points of the world’s oceans

After three years of intensive efforts from some of the world’s leading expedition experts, oceanographers, submarine engineers, and scientists, the Five Deeps Expedition is launching as the first global ocean journey to send a manned submersible vessel farther and deeper than any in history. An expedition of this size and scope has never before been attempted. EYOS Expeditions will be leading the expedition and coordinating all aspects including the planning, background support and logistics. This is a journey like no other, diving to the five deepest points below the surface of the Earth’s oceans to places never-before-seen by the human eye.

Captain Richard Bridge EYOS Expeditions

Captain Richard Bridge and Brandon Harvey join EYOS

EYOS Expeditions, the world’s leader in private superyacht expeditions, recently added two new team members to its roster of expedition talent. Captain Richard Bridge, one of the most notable names in the yachting circuit, will join as Nautical Manager, and Brandon Harvey, as Director, Expedition Operations and Program Development, will be responsible for implementing many of the company’s pioneering expeditions.

A Return to Alaska

Expedition Leader Justin Hofman is spending most of the summer on superyachts and leading expeditions for us in Alaska. Read about his first weeks being back after an absence of a few years and the excitement he feels returning to this wild coastline.

Legend Expedition Yacht in Antarctica

EYOS introduces single cabin luxury Antarctic expeditions on Legend

EYOS Expeditions, the world’s leader in private superyacht expeditions, is marking its tenth anniversary by introducing yet another world’s first travel experience. Beginning in 2019, EYOS will offer a limited number of scheduled luxury departures where travelers will be able to book an individual cabin rather than chartering a full yacht. The first of these experiences is a one-week Antarctic expedition onboard the 77- meter yacht Legend from January 6th to 13th.

Behind the scenes cooperation in the Arctic

Our 2017 Arctic season is wrapping up with the finalising of paperwork, including reporting back on permits, debriefing staff and clients, and recording the high points and lessons learned to ensure EYOS remains the market leader in delivering safe, seamless, educational and luxurious expeditions. However, there is an extraordinary amount of preparation and planning required to properly manage a vessel visiting wild and often highly-protected places.

helicopter landing on SeaXplorer expedition superyacht in Antarctica

The first SeaXplorer expedition superyacht has been sold

EYOS Expeditions is pleased to share the news that the first SeaXplorer expedition yacht has been sold. A product of a unique design partnership between Damen shipyard, Azure Naval Architects and EYOS, the SeaXplorer is the world’s first globally capable, Polar Code compliant expedition yacht.

Kelvin Murray of EYOS Expeditions

Kelvin Murray, FRGS, Joins EYOS Expeditions

EYOS Expeditions is pleased to announce that Kelvin Murray, FRGS, has joined EYOS Expeditions as its Director of Expedition Operations. In his new role, Kelvin will be managing the day to day planning and operations of the expeditions and ensure focused, bespoke service for every client. With an extensive background in polar diving and marine […]

Skip Novak, EYOS Expeditions

EYOS Expeditions and Skip Novak Join Forces

EYOS Expeditions Ltd announced today that it has joined forces with Skip Novak, one of the world’s leading experts in polar sailing. Novak said, “Working with EYOS was a natural evolution after our increasingly close cooperation over the last several years. Together we can offer a seamless service for the world’s most discerning superyachts, whether motor or sail.”

Angela Pennefather - Expedition Coordinator & Melanesian Specialist - EYOS Expeditions

EYOS Expeditions Appoints Melanesian Representative and Expedition Coordinator

EYOS Expeditions announces the appointment of Angela Pennefather as its Melanesian Representative and Expedition Coordinator. Angela will act as a conduit between Captains and local communities to ensure the yacht's smooth passage, adherence to cultural protocols and optimal guest experiences. Based in Cairns, Australia and Papua New Guinea, she can assist Captains with logistics before the yacht arrives as well as provide insight as an onboard guide.

Kavachi subsea volcano

The Birth of an Island- Watching Kavachi Volcano

This June, EYOS Expeditions planned and led an expedition through a broad section of Melanesia, focusing on some of the most remote locations in the Solomon Islands while exploring parts of Papua New Guinea. While we always anticipate the unexpected on an expedition, our staff and those onboard the vessel witnessed an amazing spectacle out at sea that has rarely been seen before.

Cessna 560XL

Chapman Freeborn Collaborates with EYOS Expeditions to Offer Seamless Private Jet to Private Yacht Expeditions

Chapman Freeborn, the world’s leading air charter specialist, has collaborated with EYOS Expeditions to offer a luxurious twist on adventures to some of the most remarkable and often inaccessible places on the planet. The collaboration aligns charter experts in both aviation and yachting, allowing travellers to travel by private jet to key destinations worldwide with Chapman Freeborn, before boarding a luxurious expedition yacht and voyaging to the destination of their choice with EYOS Expeditions.

EYOS Expeditions Appoints Julian Chang as Asian Representative

EYOS Expeditions Ltd announced today that it has appointed Julian Chang, well known as one of the leading figures in Asian yachting, as its exclusive representative in Asia. Chang said, “EYOS takes discerning clients to the world’s most wild or culturally rich locations in extraordinary luxury and safety. They have helped open up new destinations for superyachts; a decade ago, virtually no private vessels were traveling to these regions.

EYOS Expeditions to Offer Yacht Carbon Offset Option

EYOS Expeditions has announced that it is working with Yacht Carbon Offset to offer a greenhouse gas offset option to all its clients. This will enable each participating yacht’s greenhouse gas to be counteracted while preserving cruising freedom, regardless of whether the yacht is sailing through the Northwest Passage or exploring the hidden atolls of the Seychelles.

EYOS Expeditions & Triton Submarines Announce Partnership

EYOS Expeditions Ltd and Triton Submarines, LLC announced a ground-breaking partnership that will revolutionize the luxury super-yacht and private submarine industry. Clients will now be able to reach the most remote and wild locations on the planet- and then dive over 1,000 meters below the surface- on the most luxurious superyachts and submarines ever designed.

Triton Submarine Descends

Personal Submarines Allowing for True Exploration from Luxury Superyachts

Last week, the yacht industry descended on southern France for the Monaco Yacht Show. Just looking at the superyachts moored in the harbor it was clearly evident that expedition yachts are far and few between. Nonetheless, the idea of exploring 'off the beaten track' and venturing to wild and exotic regions was generating lots of buzz at the Show. Today, more and more yachts are being billed as "Explorer" yachts, or are equipped with new toys to allow greater exploration. Case in point: probably the hottest toys on display this year were personal submarines.

To Take the Northeast Passage?

Every year, we get numerous inquiries from captains and prospective guests about taking a luxury expedition yacht through the Northwest Passage. It is a route our staff has done several times- in fact, on an expedition we led in 2012, our staff had collectively been on more than 10% of all successful transits.

Svalbard by Yacht: Blue Whales & Polar Bears

11 July, 2013 We’ve spent the past two days in the pack ice north of the archipelago, and have had some terrific sightings. Last night we saw our first Polar bear, a large male travelling across broken sea-ice. This morning we had close encounters with several groups of walrus, both in the ice and swimming. Both days revealed dozens and dozens of Bearded and Ringed seals hauled out on the ice, and hundreds and hundreds of Harp seals swimming amongst the floes. Then this evening, a second bear.

Svalbard by Yacht: Walrus, Belugas and Glaciers

7 July 2013 This afternoon we arrived off the eastern shore of Prins Karls Foreland, a narrow island west of Spitsbergen. This is a known walrus haul-out, and although we saw none onshore, during our long hike along the beach we had fantastic views of three animals cruising along the shore. Purple saxifrage was in full bloom

Norway by Yacht: Endless Possibilities for an Expedition Yacht

29 June 2013 Norway is a country of endless possibilities for an expedition yacht with a willing Captain and crew. The rewards of that potential were reaped today with an expedition stop in a small fjord that no one onboard had previously visited. The surrounding 1,000 metre peaks, combined with absence of roads

Norway by Yacht: Lingering twilights and polar plunges

26 June 2013 Time for another update - and this time from the Arctic. Continuing our journey north from a tranquil midsummer evening (pictured) onshore with some new Norwegian friends, we crossed the Arctic Circle just outside Melfjord yesterday morning and spent the day exploring this large fjord system.