Karen Horlick

Operations Manager

Karen Horlick of EYOS Expeditions

With over 20 years experience in expedition travel, Karen Horlick has found a home as the Operations Manager for EYOS Expeditions.


Growing up in the wilds of suburban Philadelphia, Karen developed a love for exploration on early family road trips. This lead to the University of Colorado and a continued migration westward.

Ending up in Seattle armed with an underutilized degree in Psychology and a growing wanderlust, Karen found a natural fit in the travel industry. From Guest Services at an Alaskan lodge to developing and managing countless expeditions around the world, the varied and exciting work has fed her curiosity and added many places to her bucket list. Karen has been fortunate enough to step foot on all seven continents. At home, she relishes all that the beautiful Northwest has to offer with impromptu road trips and hikes.