Kelvin Murray FRGS

Head of Expeditions

Director of Expedition Operations & Undersea Projects at EYOS Expeditions
Kelvin Murray, Head of Expeditions

Kelvin Murray earned his decades of hard-won knowledge through missions on every continent and every ocean. As an Expedition Leader, he has led numerous logistically-complex trips involving diving, submersibles, ROVs, mountaineering, kayaking, camping, hiking, filmmaking, and helicopter operations.


Expedition Experience

A former Survival and Marine Instructor with personal knowledge of extreme environments, Kelvin over-wintered with the British Antarctic Survey, managing the UK’s scientific diving program throughout the dark winter.

He has led exploratory diving expeditions throughout Svalbard, the world’s largest fjord system in East Greenland and the Antarctic wildlife paradise of South Georgia, altogether supervising several thousand polar dives.

Kelvin is frequently consulted by Canadian and Arctic authorities regarding operations in the Northwest Passage.

Wildlife Conservation

Active in wildlife conversation and research studies, Kelvin is a specialist in marine mammals including polar bears, with which he has had some memorable encounters. He has contributed to several scientific papers on polar marine ecosystems.

Notable Moments

Kelvin’s various adventures have been recognized by being elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a Fellow International of The Explorers Club. For his Arctic work and projects with indigenous communities, he was recently made a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.