Linnea Sjöberg

Client Services

Linnea Sjöberg has a passion for expedition travel and has spent her life traveling the globe. Her knowledge of the industry and the far-flung destinations we love to explore combine to ensure a smooth expedition for our clients, no matter the complicated logistics involved.


Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Linnea grew up spending summers sailing with her family and winters in the mountains.  She studied in Canada and Germany before attending Edinburgh University for a Master’s degree in politics.  Afterwards, she worked several years as an event planner.  Her love for the outdoors and fascinations with new cultures led her to live and work around the globe teaching skiing in the Alps, sailing in the US and scuba diving in South East Asia.

Expedition Background

She spent over a decade in the expedition business, first aboard yachts and expedition vessels in the Mediterranean, South Pacific and Indian Ocean as well as multiple seasons in the Arctic and the Antarctic.

Logistical Expertise

Having worked as divemaster, expedition guide and Assistant Expedition Leader, she then turned to expedition planning.  Having come from the field, like virtually all of the EYOS team, Linnea has a thorough understanding of the experiences these remote regions offer and the special logistical considerations for reaching them.

Client Services

Today, she works with clients to ensure every detail of their expedition is accounted for and their experience in these remote regions is seamless.