Sigrid Henjum

Expedition Leader, Kayak Guide

Sigrid Henjum, expedition guide for EYOS Expeditons

Norwegian Sigrid Henjum is one of the most experienced guides along the Norwegian coast. Inspired by the mountains, fjords and clear waters of her home in Western Norway, Sigrid is a ski, mountaineering and kayaking guide.


Originally trained as a nurse, she re-trained in outdoor education and recreation and is now a qualified kayak and glacier instructor. With a long list of accomplishments as a kayaker, guide and all-around outdoors professional she is well versed in expeditions.

Sigrid is also known for her culinary skills and can be often found working as a chef and guide in hotels and on cruise boats up and down the coast of Norway.

Sigrid’s passion and enthusiasm for the great outdoors in entirely infectious and when combined with her energy and gentle enthusiasm for teaching, ensures that those with her are able to learn and extend their own boundaries.

Expedition Experience

Sigrid has travelled the world, cycled the length of Norway from north to south, and has climbed some of the highest peaks of South America.

In the autumn of 2010, she was part of the first Norwegian team to circumnavigate South Georgia by kayak.

In 2011, she crossed the ice cap of Greenland, and in May 2013, she led another ambitious skiing expedition across the heart of Greenland, skiing 600 km in 23 days through hurricane force winds and -40°C temps.

In early August 2015, Sigrid will circumnavigate Nordaustlandet by kayak. Nordaustlandet is the second largest island in Svalbard and home to the world’s third largest ice cap.