Antarctica 2008: Jumping over the ditch

How to enjoy two weeks of family fun during a private yacht charter in the Antarctic? Easy!

How to enjoy it when several members of the family are prone to severe seasickness? Hmmmmm…..

Antarctic Fly-in/Fly-out

The answer lay in combining a private yacht charter with two private air charters: one to fly everyone in and one to fly everyone out again.

In the process, we achieved another world first! Arriving by air allowed the family to complete the transfer from LAX to our 48m charter yacht in 17 hours (a journey that normally takes three days) and without even a hint of seasickness.

Less time spent rolling around in the Drake Passage also meant extra days in the real Antarctic.

With the right vessel we were able to push further south than commercial expedition ships on tight timetables.

Since that voyage, several other Owners have enquired as to how they might take their vessels to the ‘Seventh Continent’ without risking sea-sickness to the spouse or guests.

Most often they are also motivated by squeezing in an Antarctic expedition into their busy schedules, and flying trims at least 4 days of the total trip time.

The flexibility of private yacht travel

The highlights of these voyages are something that family and friends will share forever; in a world full of clichés, time in Antarctic truly can be ‘life-changing’.

For those fortunate to have their own private yacht or access to a charter yacht, itineraries can be customized to the particular interests of the inhabitants.

With this kind of planning flexibility we are able to plan around weather and ice conditions to ensure that we see ‘the best of the best’ day after day.

Take a look at our EYOS Experience section to see just how much fun can be had!

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