EYOS Expeditions wins award; We’re ‘On top of The World!’

The World in Antarctica

EYOS Expeditions was delighted to be recognized as one of the ‘Top Ten Tour Operators’ to The World, presented in Fort Lauderdale this month.

The award was presented jointly by Capt. Dag Saevik (Master, MV The World) and Mr. Tom McAlpin (CEO) and accepted by Rob McCallum.

EYOS accepts award

“We accept this with great pride. Most of our expeditions are with clients who wish to remain anonymous and low key, so we don’t often get to celebrate our success in public view.”

— Rob McCallum

The award marks an important milestone in a relationship that has spanned complex expeditions the Arctic, Antarctic, Greenland and Papua New Guinea and which will soon expand to cover expeditions to Africa, Vanuatu, French Polynesia, Alaska, Northwest Passage and the White Sea.

Trust and respect: a recipe for success

EYOS Expeditions has provided The World with many ‘cutting edge’ expeditions to some extremely remote and challenging destinations. This requires a strong bond of trust based on mutual professional respect between the Captain and the Expedition Leader.

After several expeditions together we have developed a proven recipe that we use in the design, planning and implementation of expeditions; and this recipe will be the basis for all of the expeditions over the next 2-3 years.

“To take this amazing ship, the height of luxury and comfort, to some of the most challenging places on Earth is a great privilege. Her excellent onboard systems and equipment allow us to work with the crew to get her to places that even commercial expedition ships don’t reach.”

About The World

MV The World is 196m in length and 42,000t, and offers her Residents and Guests ‘6 star service’ wherever she sails. She is considered the world’s largest private mega-yacht.

EYOS Expeditions is the exclusive provider of expedition services to The World.

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