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Captain’s Spotlight: Legend’s Taigh MacManus

EYOS is lucky to work with some of the most accomplished and capable captains in the industry. This includes Taigh MacManus, one of the men at the helm of Legend. Join us for a conversation with this intrepid captain about sailing a world class expedition yacht, charting exploratory courses in the polar regions, and sharing the world’s most remote destinations with guests.

5 Incredible Kayaking Destinations

Kayaking is one of the most exciting ways to more intimately explore the world's remote destinations. While it's possible on nearly all expeditions, these are some of our favorite places to paddle.

The Wildlife of South Georgia and the Falklands

The Falkland Islands and South Georgia are iconic islands situated at the gateway to the Antarctic Peninsula, on the threshold of the Atlantic and Southern Oceans. Each harbors a truly exceptional array of wildlife that, thanks to successful conservation efforts, has returned from the brink of the intensive overexploitation in the early 19th and 20th centuries.

The Otherworldly Landscape of Komodo Island

Nestled within the Indonesian archipelago, Komodo Island is renowned for its distinctive wildlife, including the iconic Komodo dragon. But the island has more to offer than the dragon alone. It’s home to breathtaking terrain that ranges from pristine beaches to rugged peaks as well as some of the region’s most premiere diving and snorkeling. 

Why We Love It: Nansen Explorer

Whether polar icebreaker, dive support vessel, luxurious yacht, or nimble sailing craft, EYOS will guide you to the best expedition yacht for your charter. In this ongoing series, we ask what makes the yachts we regularly work with so special. 

Photographing “The Serengeti of the Southern Ocean”

South Georgia, a remote and captivating island in the northern reaches of the Southern Ocean, offers an unparalleled blend of natural beauty, remarkable wildlife, and a history steeped in exploration. This combination of elements makes it a must-visit destination for adventure travelers and photography enthusiasts alike.

Day in the Life: Antarctica

A day in Antarctica is a day unlike any other. The White Continent is a land of unrivaled beauty and unspoiled wilderness that provides opportunities for adventure that truly can be found nowhere else in the world. But what does “A Day in the Life'' of expedition travel with EYOS really look like? 

Why We Love It: Lamima

Whether polar icebreaker, dive support vessel, luxurious yacht, or nimble sailing craft, EYOS will guide you to the best expedition yacht for your charter. In this ongoing series, we ask what makes the yachts we regularly work with so special. EYOS is excited to be offering a unique book by cabin departure in September 2024 onboard Lamima, the world’s largest wooden sailing yacht with deep ties to the Indonesian waters in which she sails. So, we joined owner Dominique Gerardin for a conversation on why she is so well suited for exploring the tropical waters of Eastern Indonesia and why she is a favorite of so many of our charter clients.

Heli-Skiing Greenland with Chris Davenport

Olympic gold medalist Bode Miller and two-time World Champion Chris Davenport joined EYOS in April 2023 for a heli-skiing expedition in Greenland— we’re happy to share this photo journal from Chris highlighting their epic trip. EYOS is excited that Bode & Chris will join us again in Greenland as special guest guides -- a unique book-by-cabin departure where individual cabins will be available. As Chris’s images show, this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to ski with world-class champions in Greenland’s backcountry. Contact to learn more about heli-skiing in Greenland in April 2024!

Staff Spotlight: Peter Butz

EYOS COO Peter Butz has a storied past in expedition travel from all points between Alaska and Australia, Antarctica and the Amazon. Join us for this month's Staff Spotlight for a conversation with Peter about some of his most legendary moments in the field and how these experiences have influenced his operational direction of EYOS.

Photo Guide: Melanesia

Melanesia is a photographer's paradise, brimming with natural wonders and rich cultural heritage. By adequately preparing, employing thoughtful composition techniques, selecting suitable gear, and refining photography techniques, it is possible to capture the spirit and beauty of the region. Respect the local communities, embrace the stunning landscapes, and dive into the vibrant underwater world to create a visual narrative that truly represents the allure of Melanesia. Get ready to embark on a photographic journey unlike any other.