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EYOS Announces Hanse Explorer will Return to the Arctic for Summer 2023

Next summer, EYOS Expeditions, the world leader in private superyacht experiences that take travelers to the remote corners of the earth, will relaunch itineraries in the Arctic on the recently redesigned Hanse Explorer. Bespoke journeys in the region might include cruising through iceberg-covered fjords, hiking on glaciers, and cruising through pack ice in search of white whales, polar bears, and walruses. The long days of the Arctic summer are the ideal time to discover the region, bringing about intense wildlife activity and changing landscapes with beautiful colors and contrasts.

Antarctic 360º : 7 Days of Exploring

This illustrates what you can experience on a 7-day expedition. Wish to arrive at a different destination, experience more of the region or add the South Pole to your yacht expedition? The EYOS team can custom tailor an itinerary of any length and with any custom options.

EYOS and Nansen Polar Expeditions Announce Strategic Alliance

EYOS Expeditions, the world’s foremost provider of private yacht expeditions, and Nansen Polar Expeditions, have joined forces on a long-term strategic alliance coinciding with Nansen’s recent fleet expansion. Together, EYOS and Nansen will combine their collective experience to introduce a new expedition yacht experience in the polar regions.

Faces of EYOS: Kelvin Murray

Next up in our quest to share with the world a deeper look into the people of EYOS Expeditions, we speak with Director of Expedition Operations & Undersea Projects, Kelvin Murray.

DSSV Pressure Drop Approaching Sea-Ice

Reaching the Unexplored with Fourth Element

Last August, I sat in a small black inflatable boat prepping equipment on a gently-rolling Arctic sea just below 80 degrees North. “How long will the descent be?”, asked one of my colleagues. “About an hour and a half”, I replied; “It’s a shallow dive, only about five and a half thousand meters…” We stopped ourselves and laughed – when did 5,500 meters become a ‘shallow dive?’

Faces of EYOS: Olivia de Varreux

We continue the series with Olivia de Varreux, the Field Staff Manager at EYOS Expeditions. Olivia has seen much of the world through a porthole after spending years on commercial expedition ships and then some of the world’s most prestigious yachts. Seeing her transition from globetrotter to behind-the-scenes logistician gives a great picture of what Olivia brings to the table at EYOS.