submersible limiting factor in the ocean

EYOS and Caladan Oceanic Announce First Ever Opportunity to Dive to the Bottom of the Mariana Trench & Support Exploratory Science

Following the resounding success of the groundbreaking Five Deeps Expedition last year, EYOS Expeditions and Caladan Oceanic announce a world’s first opportunity for intrepid explorers to dive to the deepest point of the world’s oceans. The Mission Specialists accompanying this expedition will step into the history books for being amongst the first 15 humans to reach the bottom of the Mariana Trench/Challenger Deep at 10,928 metres/35,853 feet deep.

Victor Vescovo and Admiral Barbier inside Limiting Factor

EYOS Honors and Investigates Wreck of La Minerve in Historic Dive

EYOS Expeditions has completed a highly successful expedition to the wreck of the French submarine S647 ‘La Minerve’ which sank in 1968 with all hands. The expedition’s purpose was to complete a forensic investigation of the wreck and to place a commemorative plaque on behalf of the families of the 52 crew who were lost at sea.

Skier skiing in Antarctica

EYOS announces ultimate skiing expeditions in Antarctica and Greenland with Bomber Ski, Olympic Medalist Bode Miller, and Doug Stoup

EYOS Expeditions and Bomber Ski announce the ultimate experience for any serious skiing enthusiast: a week-long, superyacht-based skiing adventure, in Antarctica or Greenland, guided by six-time Olympic medalist Bode Miller and polar explorer Doug Stoup. Scheduled for December 2020 (Antarctica) and April 2020 (Greenland), both expeditions are timed for ideal skiing conditions, combining first tracks with many other wonders of the polar regions while enjoying the comfort of a 77-meter ultra-luxury superyacht.

EYOS to Support Expedition Rowing to Antarctica

EYOS is proud to be supporting Captain Fiann Paul, Colin O’Brady, and the entire crew of the vessel Ohana that will undertake an expedition next month to row to Antarctica. The expedition will set off from South America in mid December and then cross the 600 mile Drake Passage.

First SeaXplorer 62 Floated Out

On October 31st the first DAMEN SeaXplorer luxury expedition yacht emerged from the building hall in the Netherlands. When the 62-meter custom-designed yacht is handed over to her owners in early 2020, she will be the first delivery in this groundbreaking series of yachts.

EYOS Completes Historic Northwest Passage Season

EYOS Expeditions completed a historic season in the Northwest Passage this summer with five vessels sailing the historic High Arctic sea route. Three of these set out to complete the full ocean-to-ocean passage and all were successful. EYOS is the first company to manage three vessels completing the entire Passage in a single season.

Jason Hillier, VP Expedition Sales, EYOS Expeditions

EYOS Hires Jason Hillier as VP, Expedition Sales

EYOS Expeditions, the world’s leader in private superyacht expeditions, recently added Jason Hillier as VP, Expedition Sales to the team. With almost a decade's worth of experience operating in the Arctic, he brings hard-won field experience and destination expertise to his role.

Submersible Limiting Factor prior to descending during the Five Deeps Expedition

5 Deeps Expedition Completed

EYOS Expeditions has announced the successful completion of the Five Deeps Expedition, named as the most ambitious exploration expedition of the century. The primary purpose of the expedition was to conduct manned dives to the deepest point of each of the world’s five oceans and conduct scientific discovery along the way.

RMS Titanic's bow

EYOS Leads First Dive to RMS Titanic in 14 years

EYOS Expeditions staff have again led a successful expedition to the RMS Titanic, deploying the Triton 36000/2 submersible ‘Limiting Factor’ to conduct several dives on the wreck over a 10-day period. The wreck, which sank on 14th/15thApril 1912, lies in 3,800 meters/12,500 feet of water approximately 380 miles SE of St John’s, Newfoundland.

EYOS Participates in Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit

Last month, EYOS CEO Ben Lyons participated in the first ever Ocean Plastic Leadership Summit during three days at sea off Bermuda. The expedition transformed an expedition cruiseship into a floating summit as a diverse group of key influencers and corporations came together to address the increasing problem of ocean plastic.

First SeaXplorer 77 Launched

On 4 June Dutch luxury yacht builders AMELS and DAMEN celebrated the hull launch of LA DATCHA SeaXplorer following construction on the Danube river. EYOS was design partners in the project, contributing over 150 expedition criteria.