Diving Services

Our experienced dive guides have first-hand knowledge of the most inaccessible dive sites worldwide, from the sun-bleached tropics to the pristine polar regions. EYOS assists expedition vessels with all aspects of remote area diving or submersible operations, whether large research diving expeditions or vacation cruises.

Our Diving Services can provide:

  • Expedition diving management and logistics
  • Custom wilderness diving itineraries worldwide
  • Dive team specialists including guides, videographers and support personnel
  • Ice diving technical specialists for the Arctic and Antarctic
  • Dive medics, Doctors and recompression chamber operators
  • ROV  & submersible pilots and technicians
  • Charter vessels

Antarctic Aviation

Due to the challenging weather conditions around the Antarctic, flight is not a simple undertaking, but EYOS Expeditions has an extensive network of Antarctic air operators.

Fly-In, Fly-Out

EYOS pioneered fly-in, fly-out private aircrafts to the Antarctic. If you prefer to join your vessel once she is in the Antarctic—in order to maximize time or to avoid the infamously rough Drake Passage crossing—we will arrange for you to fly south. 

South Pole

EYOS can fly you to the South Pole for the full Antarctic experience.


If you would like to have a helicopter aboard your yacht, EYOS will source a suitable helicopter and an experienced polar flight crew.

Expedition Leading, Interpretation and Guiding

Our Expedition Staff includes world-class Expedition Leaders, dive guides, and specialists in anthropology, botany, geology, history, marine biology and ornithology. They are a fundamental part of the EYOS experience. They ensure safe operations while bringing destinations alive for our guests and providing logistical assistance and local knowledge to the yacht’s crew.

Expedition Leaders

From cultural and technical points of view, our Expedition Leaders know the remote regions intimately. Having lived or worked in these areas, they know how to manage wilderness landing operations and make sure you are safe.

Local guides

Our local guides offer formal presentations on the region, lead briefings on sites to be visited, conduct question-and-answer sessions, and provide interpretation onboard and ashore. Captains will appreciate their local knowledge of conditions and anchorages.


EYOS often recommends a general naturalist, who can identify everything from tundra plants to whale species. Owners and their guests will find the diverse knowledge of our field experts a huge advantage in understanding a region.

Dive guides

EYOS understands the very private nature of the superyacht industry. Our dive team has the personal skills and discretion to assimilate into an established team and adhere to the specific operating style of any vessel.

Expedition Outfitting

EYOS Expeditions offers a specialist outfitting service to complement your voyage to virtually any destination. A voyage to the Polar Regions requires both special equipment and clothing in order to ensure all onboard have an enjoyable and safe time.

Whether stranding kits, customized parkas and clothing for guests and crew or rifles for polar bear safety, we can supply accessories which will prove invaluable as you explore the frozen wilderness.


Our literary service supplies books, maps, recommended reading lists and charts covering the destinations you plan to visit.

Expedition Yacht Charter

EYOS Expeditions works with a variety of expedition vessels available for charter worldwide. Our specialized knowledge and operational expertise will help you source the perfect vessel for your expedition, from polar icebreakers and dive support vessels to luxury expedition superyachts and nimble sailing vessels.

We know which vessels are available in each location and use our excellent network of charter brokers to find you the right vessel at a competitive rate, avoiding costly repositioning.

Navigate to our expedition yacht charters page to see a sample of the fleet we regularly work with.

Contact us with your requirements to find out more.

IAATO + AECO Membership

EYOS Expeditions is a member of both IAATO and AECO. Our memberships assist in the cruise permitting process and ensure your expedition will be run according to the highest safety and environmental standards.


The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) and the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO) associations advocate, promote and practice safe and environmentally responsible private-sector travel to the pristine and ecologically sensitive polar environments.

Personal Submarines

EYOS is proud to work with Triton Submarines.

Triton is widely regarded as the world leader in manned subsea exploration with submarines capable of diving over 3,000 feet deep. With our strong partnership, we will work together to ensure all aspects of your submersible charter or purchase are expertly and efficiently handled.

Photographers + Videographers

We can arrange for these experts to accompany you on your expedition. Our photographers can offer you photography workshops and ‘in the moment’ tips as well as provide you with an exquisite collection of images after your expedition.

We also can supply a professional videographer intimately familiar with working in remote locations. They can provide you with a customized, edited DVD of your voyage.

Private Aircraft + Helicopters

EYOS Expeditions is proud to work with Chapman Freeborn on arranging seamless, door to door private jet to private yacht adventures. With their global reach, we can deliver you to the ends of the earth in unmatched luxury and safety.

Chapman Freeborn

To enhance an already remarkable expedition, we can use helicopters to land guests far inshore for distant hikes, transports clients to Emperor Penguin colonies otherwise blocked by pack ice, or land at the top of a 6,000-foot mountain top at sunrise in the Northwest Passage.