Dunia Baru

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The perfect platform for exploring the remote waters of Indonesia and Asia, Dunia Baru stuns with traditional Indonesian Phinisi design.

Seamlessly blending the ancient with the sleek and modern, step from the deck, surrounded by a traditional Indonesian exterior, into the large galley, complete with a teppanyaki grill surrounded by bar seating.

Accommodating up to 14 guests in her seven beautifully appointed staterooms, including a breathtaking master suite on the upper aft deck, Dunia Baru provides the ultimate in comfort.  Large outdoor spaces provide the opportunity to take in once-in-a-lifetime views of idilic destinations like the unmatched Raja Ampat.

Situated atop the island of New Guinea’s Bird’s Head Peninsula, or “Vogelkop” to the early Dutch traders, is the fabled realm of the Four Kings, Raja Ampat.  Here in the heart of the Coral Triangle, divers and snorkelers will encounter the ocean’s most diverse reefs while others trek to see heavenly displays by birds of paradise and other denizens of the forest.  Cave paintings give a literal picture of the expansion of early peoples, and village visits give a deeper understanding of cultures that have coexisted, traded and mixed for millennia.  Labyrinths of sun drenched karst islands and secret beaches lay empty beneath the whoosh of Hornbill wings.

Her handcrafted elegance and attention to detail ensure that Dunia Baru’s interior is as much a feast for the eyes as the gorgeous scenery outside.

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