Few yachts can match the experience that Legend offers. Originally built as a Class 1 Icebreaker, she possesses an astoundingly strong hull that can deliver the ultimate polar expedition.

However, her impressive capabilities don’t stop there. She comes with a commercially certified heli-deck that stretches the boundaries of a conventional expedition. A three person-submarine, capable of diving 300 meters deep, is also onboard and allows guests to see virtually undiscovered sections of the Earth.

Onboard facilities include a gym, Balinese spa with sauna & Jacuzzi, beauty salon, movie theatre and entertainment system, swimming pool and a broad collection of toys ranging from paddle boards to jet-skis and snow scooters. With a capacity for 26 guests, Legend is the perfect platform for extended families, alumni organizations or corporate retreats seeking the pinnacle of privilege and escape.

EYOS Expedition Legend Yacht Dining Room
EYOS Expedition Legend Yacht Deck
EYOS Expedition Legend Yacht bedroom
EYOS Expedition Legend Yacht Spa
EYOS Expedition Legend Yacht Interior
EYOS Expedition Legend Yacht piano and fireplace