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SuRi, an exceptional explorer yacht, has an uncommon origin story.

Purchased by her owner to be a shadow boat and garage for his then-yacht’s helicopter and ever-growing collection of toys, SuRi, born Fierce Contender and featured on the TV series ‘Deadliest Catch,’ worked her way into her owner’s heart.

He decided to sell his other yacht and convert SuRi. And after major refits and a hull extension, SuRi has transformed from a 170-foot working boat to a 208-foot luxury adventure yacht.

Her standard of luxury is high: SuRi accommodates 12 guests in 7 staterooms, and offers many amenities and exciting features, including a unique media room (in keeping with her mission to advance marine sciences and raise awareness about global ocean issues) with “Windows To the Sea,” a comfortable gathering spot where guests can gaze into the ocean and appreciate the sea life.

The locker on the lower hangar deck has the capacity to house a helicopter, and includes a hovercraft, a work boat, Wave Runners, Sea-Doos, sailboats, ski and wake surfing boats, plus a swim platform.

SuRi has taken the owner’s family around the world—from the Côte d’Azur to the fjords of Norway, Alaska, and far-flung destinations in the South Pacific.

SuRi is primed to take a new generation of friends and families who adventure together anywhere they wish to go—including Antarctica for the 2023-24 season, where her sea, land, and air capabilities will enable peak experiences on the 7th continent.

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