EYOS Hires Jason Hillier as VP, Expedition Sales

Jason Hillier Photo by Francoise Gervais

EYOS Expeditions, the world’s leader in private superyacht expeditions, recently added Jason Hillier as VP, Expedition Sales to the team. With almost a decade’s worth of experience operating in the Arctic, he brings hard-won field experience and destination expertise to his role.

“EYOS stands for, first and foremost, expedition expertise, on-the-ground knowledge and hard-won experience. Our staff are without question the most talented and experienced collection of Expedition Specialists in the industry, with our team having collectively guided well over 1,200 polar expeditions alone. Adding Jason will enable us to better serve our clients and distribution partners while helping further showcase EYOS’s ever-broadening capabilities and offerings. Significantly, Jason comes from the field, which speaks to our philosophy of only hiring veteran team members who understand firsthand all the complexities that go into planning a successful expedition.” says CEO Ben Lyons.

Jason has over 20 years of professional services experience in various roles and industries and almost a decade in the polar expedition travel industry. His diverse professional background and passion for expedition travel combine to ensure a client and partner’s expectations are always met and exceeded.

As with all members of the EYOS team, Jason has also worked extensively in the field managing expeditions and will add to the already considerable in-house expertise within the company. He is a PADI divemaster and has been Expedition Leader on numerous Arctic expeditions in Greenland, Hudson Bay, Baffin Island and Ellesmere Island, leading countless clients, film crews and scientists into the Arctic.

Jason’s background, easy-going demeanor and enthusiasm are traits his friends, ‘soon-to-be friends’, family and colleagues always appreciate. He savors the opportunity to share the raw beauty of both poles with those who are going back and those who have never been.

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