A New Antarctic Experience

A New Antarctic Experience

In 2019, EYOS Expeditions will pioneer a new Antarctic experience. For the first time ever, you will be able to purchase an individual cabin on a private superyacht in Antarctica. This approach introduces a level of luxury and flexibility that, until now, only a select few have experienced.

Join us on January 6, 2019 as we set out for a week of awe and wonder aboard the 77-meter superyacht Legend.

For more information and prices, download the complete brochure.

Infinite in combinations of color, size, shape and texture, Antarctic ice is captivating and mysterious. Sculpted blue icebergs glide past, the bow nudges gently through pack ice floes, and tabular icebergs — some miles long — tower above as you gaze in awe at these cliffs of ice.

Watch Gentoo penguins tend their nests and call raucously to the sky after their comical commute from the sea. As you sit contemplating the scene, a curious penguin gathers its nerves to peck around your feet. Time spent with penguins leaves you elated, energized, and laughing.

As you cruise through the Gerlache Strait, the early morning light is punctuated with countless blows that catch the sun. A quick word from your Expedition Guide and moments later you are in a tender as a pod of Humpback whales lunge feed nearby.

Antarctica is an escape from the stress of the office and the constant buzz of a cellphone. For morning yoga, breathe in crisp, fresh air surrounded by silence, or enjoy a massage in the spa.

Learning about the heroic age of exploration and science that continues to this day is an integral part of an Antarctic expedition. Schedule permitting, we’ll visit a station and even get a chance to mail postcards!

No expedition to Antarctica is complete without a passage through the Lemaire Channel.