Norway by Yacht: lingering twilights and polar plunges

A peaceful sunset in Norway. Richard White/EYOS

26 June

Time for another update—and this time from the Arctic.

Continuing our journey north from a tranquil midsummer evening (pictured) onshore with some new Norwegian friends, we crossed the Arctic Circle just outside Melfjord yesterday morning and spent the day exploring this large fjord system.

A swim on the edge of the Svartisen National Park

Our day took us to the head of Nordfjord on the edge of the Svartisen National Park. Here we celebrated our arrival in the Arctic by taking a swim. Some chose to plunge with bathing suits, others with survival suits. Meanwhile, our Captain ‘abandoned ship’ in spectacular fashion from an upper deck.

A hike to the Svartisen glacier

This was followed by hiking ashore in this wilderness area with no trails—with some opting for a rock scramble to an overlook on a large snowbank with a waterfall cascading from the Svartisen glacier on the high peaks above.

Welcome to the Arctic!

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