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The Tropics

Stories related to our expeditions in the Tropics

Marquesas Islands, Polynesia

Polynesia: off the cruising route

The Pacific Ocean is the greatest geographical feature on Earth. At its widest point it is nearly 8,000 miles / 13,000 kilometers across, large enough to contain all the continents. Herman Melville called it “the tide-beating heart of the world.”

Project Deep Challenge success!

Many of us in the nautical world watched James Cameron’s recent deep dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench with fascination; a private citizen accomplishing something that no government has done since 1960.

Sailboat in The Kimberley, Australia

EYOS’ annual migration

It isn't much of a secret: we love the polar regions. We simply adore the opportunities to visit the Arctic and the Antarctic and observe the creatures that make these pristine environments their homes. However, each year we also enjoy the chance to shed our parkas, fill the Scuba tanks and warm our bones in some of the most culturally rich or remote tropical locations.