Angela Pennefather - Expedition Coordinator & Melanesian Specialist - EYOS Expeditions

Angela Pennefather

Expedition Coordinator & Melanesian Specialist

EYOS Guide Angela Pennefather was born of two cultures: Australian & Papua New Guinean. As such she has a unique perspective on both Melanesian and European cultures that she openly shares to the visitors she guides through her beloved Melanesia. She is fluent in neo-Melanesian languages and provides a deep insight into broader Melanesian cultures.

Born and raised in PNG, Angela completed her higher education in Australia (Nursing; Sydney University). A qualified master chef, she has spent 8 years working on live-aboard dive boats and a further 13 years on super yachts. This has provided her with hard won in-depth experience of the needs of private yacht owners and their captains. Currently based in Queensland, Australia Angela represents EYOS Expeditions to yachts headed to Papua New Guinea, the Solomon’s Islands, Vanuatu and north into the Pacific.

Angela’s decades of experience in Melanesia make her a valuable addition to any yacht wanting to visit the remote corners of Melanesia. Her knowledge extends far inland; the result of decades following her father on his ceaseless visits around his coffee plantations, on long distance overland treks and his exploration of WW2 sites.