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From the geographic South Pole to the bottom of Challenger Deep, EYOS has led expeditions to the most remote wildernesses in the world. As visitors to these extraordinary places, we recognize the importance in preserving the planet for future generations – and we believe in the power of expedition travel as a meaningful force for good.


From spotting narwhals in the Northwest Passage to witnessing the kaleidoscopic colors of the undersea in the Solomon Islands, our clients are often moved by moments of awe while aboard.

This shared delight in the natural world’s surprises connects us all while on deck, and we hope to inspire our clients to return home with continued enthusiasm to further their own commitment to the health of the planet.

EYOS proudly supports the following sustainability projects and scientific initiatives.

Ocean Census

Knowledge gathered will revolutionize our understanding of life and how to protect the ocean – the environment responsible for much of the air we breathe, regulating our climate, and a vital food source for billions. As an Ocean Census partner, EYOS will provide expedition advice and support, including sourcing vessels, and planning and managing missions.

Yachts for Science

EYOS is a founding partner of Yachts for Science, an organization that matches marine scientists with private vessels, yacht owners, and crew, providing access to the oceans for the completion of necessary research. By connecting yachts traveling the globe as platforms for research, these partnerships provide vital information required for decision makers to bring about the protection and recovery of our oceans.


As partners with Nekton, a non-profit research foundation and UK-registered charity, EYOS supports scientific exploration and protection of the ocean via innovative initiatives and vital missions, with a goal to protect at least 30% of the ocean by 2030. Working with an alliance of partners to provide funding and state-of-the-art technologies, Nekton brings together international teams and expertise to support our collective endeavors. From international policy interventions to innovating ocean storytelling, Nekton’s initiatives further the aim to accelerate a greater understanding of our ocean and how we protect it, while inspiring public engagement.

Yacht Carbon Offset

EYOS works with Yacht Carbon Offset to counteract your yacht’s greenhouse gas emissions in a clear, auditable manner, which is backed by a Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Certification. Yacht Carbon Offset has helped the superyacht community reduce its net environmental impact since 2008, providing a transparent, tailored carbon offset service – an immediate, effective way to counterbalance greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by contributing to the development of renewable energy and marine projects in developing countries.

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Now that people are starting to experience the effects of climate change, they are listening a little more carefully to the whole discussion.”