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EYOS Expeditions will lead you to the most remote regions on Earth in safety and luxury. Our hard-won knowledge, gained through many years exploring remote cruising areas, and the contacts we have made along the way, will be an asset to any vessel setting off into the wilderness.

We represent a worldwide network of travel and marine professionals with knowledge and experience that leaves virtually none of the globe unknown. We have spent decades designing once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Where can we take you?

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Tim Soper, Founding Partner at EYOS Expeditions

Tim Soper

Founding Partner

Tim was raised on the Devon coast of Southwest England. Growing up constantly in and around boats, Tim developed a passion for the sea that led him to study at the University of Wales' marine laboratories on the Isle of Anglesey, where he combined oceanography and marine biology to earn an honors degree in Ocean Sciences.

Rob McCallum, EYOS Expeditions Founding Partner, in Antarctica with Hanse Explorer

Rob McCallum, FRGS

Founding Partner

EYOS Founding Partner Rob McCallum is a professional expedition leader and consultant who has led expeditions for a wide variety of clients in remote locations throughout the world. With a diverse background ranging from helping guide a complete Antarctic circumnavigation by icebreaker to extensive deep-ocean searching, he has spent decades mounting complex logistical operations in remote regions.

Ben Lyons, CEO of EYOS Expeditions

Ben Lyons

Chief Executive Officer

Ben has spent his entire life captivated by ships and travel. As a Captain, travel writer and MBA, his unique set of skills allows him to mix his passion for travel and work.

Peter Butz of EYOS Expeditions

Peter Butz

Chief Operations Officer

Peter has spent over 35 years in the expedition industry, both leading expeditions onboard and organizing them from ashore. After receiving his BS degree in Development and Resource Economics from the University of California, he spent several years backpacking around the world to far-flung destinations.

Weber Stambach EYOS Expeditions

Werner Stambach


Werner has been involved in the cruise industry in various management positions for over 30 years. He has also been lecturing and leading natural history tours for the world’s premier cruise companies and over the years developed a special dedication for ecotourism to some of the most remote regions of this Earth.

Skip Novak, EYOS Expeditions

Skip Novak

Director, Sailing Operations

Skip Novak is widely considered the world’s pre-eminent authority on polar sailing. As the builder and operator of both Pelagic and Pelagic Australis, he has traveled to Antarctica every year for three decades and set new standards in expedition yacht construction and design.

Kelvin Murray of EYOS Expeditions

Kelvin Murray FRGS

Director, Expedition Operations & Undersea Projects

Kelvin has explored, dived and guided on every continent, every ocean and many seas. His clients have included expedition companies and scientific researchers, wildlife charities, National Geographic photographers and the BBC Natural History Unit and he has worked on a variety of vessels from sailing yachts and schooners to Ice Class 1A Super expedition ships.

Brandon Harvey EYOS Expeditions

Brandon Harvey

Director, Expedition Operations & Program Development

Over the past 20 years Brandon has demonstrated his proficiency in developing the impeccable safety-standards, exceptional guest experiences, superior leadership training programs and engaging educational programming that are the cornerstones of his career.

Don Walsh

Capt. Don Walsh, USN (Ret), PhD

EYOS Advisory Board

Explorer and Oceanography Professor Don Walsh is perhaps best known as the pilot of the bathyscaphe ‘Trieste’ which dived to the deepest point of the ocean (the Mariana Trench; 35,840ft) in 1960. As an active member of EYOS’ Advisory Board, Dr. Walsh connects EYOS to the latest developments in modern exploration and science.

Flip Nicklin

Flip Nicklin

EYOS Advisory Board

Widely regarded as the premier whale photographer of the world, Flip Nicklin, a National Geographic contributing photographer, has been diving since 1963. An active, vital voice for marine mammal conservation, Flip brings his broad network and ability to inspire others in his role as a member of the EYOS Advisory Board.

Captain Richard Bridge EYOS Expeditions

Captain Richard Bridge

Nautical Manager

Richard joined the British Merchant Navy after leaving school at 17, working on a variety of cargo ships as a cadet and junior officer before taking a position as navigator on a sail training ship. Progressing to passenger ships in 1991, he attained his Class 1 Master Mariner’s certificate in 1993, and became Senior First Officer on Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth 2.

Justin Hofman Expedition Leader, Photographer EYOS Expedition

Justin Hofman

Expedition Leader, Photographer & Naturalist

With a lifelong passion for the ocean, Justin has spent his career observing and documenting wildlife both above and below water. As a university student, Justin first honed this focus by obtaining a marine biology degree, and continued this pursuit in his post-graduate scientific illustration study.

Matt Drennan

Expedition Leader, Historian & Naturalist

Since 1987, Matt Drennan has traveled annually to the Falklands, South Georgia, and the Antarctic Peninsula, safely guiding thousands of people into the magical realm of ice, penguins, and wildly unpredictable conditions.

Sigrid Henjum, expedition guide for EYOS Expeditons

Sigrid Henjum

Expedition Leader & Kayak Guide

Norwegian Sigrid Henjum is one of the most experienced guides along the Norwegian coast. With a long list of accomplishments as a kayaker, guide and all-around outdoors professional she is well versed in expeditions. Inspired by the mountains, fjords and clear waters of her home in Western Norway, Sigrid is a ski, mountaineering and kayaking guide.

Angela Pennefather - Expedition Coordinator & Melanesian Specialist - EYOS Expeditions

Angela Pennefather

Expedition Coordinator & Melanesian Specialist

EYOS Guide Angela Pennefather was born of two cultures: Australian & Papua New Guinean. As such she has a unique perspective on both Melanesian and European cultures that she openly shares to the visitors she guides through her beloved Melanesia. She is fluent in neo-Melanesian languages and provides a deep insight into broader Melanesian cultures.

Olivia de Varreux

Field Staff Manager

Olivia’s love of travel began at a young age; while born in France, her childhood was spent living in a variety of locations, including Ireland, South of France and St Lucia, West Indies. Upon returning to France she began working in the hospitality industry and soon began a career at sea.

Martin Enckell

Expedition Leader, Polar Divemaster & Naturalist

Martin began his career at sea 20 years ago and has been on the move since then, having stood at the Geographical North Pole seven times, spent long over a year in the Drake Passage, ten Austral summers in the Antarctic and five in the Arctic and crossed the Antarctic & Arctic Circles many times. Martin works as Expedition Leader, Zodiac Driver and Dive Master.

Karen Horlick of EYOS Expeditions

Karen Horlick

Operations Manager

With over 20 years experience in expedition travel, Karen has found a home as the Operations Manager for EYOS Expeditions. Growing up in the wilds of suburban Philadelphia, Karen developed a love for exploration on early family road trips. This lead to the University of Colorado and a continued migration westward.

Richard White

Expedition Leader & Naturalist

Richard is engaged for most of the year on board private vessels as an expedition leader, naturalist and lecturer. Having been an avid birder from an early age, he is renowned for being an outstanding wildlife guide and possesses uncanny wildlife spotting skills.