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When you are ready to cruise in the most remote regions on Earth, EYOS will guide you there in safety and luxury.

Our hard-won knowledge has been gained through decades exploring the world’s most remote cruising areas. The contacts we have made along the way are an asset to any vessel setting off into the wilderness.

EYOS designs once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We represent a worldwide network of travel and marine specialists with experience and expertise that leaves virtually none of the globe unknown.

Where can we guide you?

Rob McCallum, Founding Partner, EYOS Expeditions

Rob McCallum, FRGS

Founding Partner, Expedition Leader

Rob McCallum, EYOS Founding Partner, is an Expedition Leader and consultant. His diverse background ranges from guiding a complete circumnavigation of Antarctica by icebreaker to extensive deep ocean searching.

Tim Soper, Expedition Leader, Founding Partner at EYOS Expeditions

Tim Soper

Founding Partner, Expedition Leader

Tim Soper, EYOS Founding Partner, since joining his first expedition ship in 1994, has spent over two decades immersed in the expedition travel business.

Ben Lyons, CEO of EYOS Expeditions

Ben Lyons

Chief Executive Officer

Ben Lyons has spent his entire life captivated by ships and travel. As a Captain, travel writer and MBA, his unique set of skills allows him to mix his passion for travel and work.

Peter Butz, COO at EYOS Expeditions

Peter Butz

Chief Operations Officer

Peter Butz has over 35 years of experience in the expedition industry. He has organized expeditions from ashore and led them onboard. His expertise ensures your expedition operations will be managed and supported by an unsurpassed shoreside team.

Werner Stambach, Consultant at EYOS Expeditions

Werner Stambach


Werner Stambach specializes in expedition voyage organization and preparation. He carefully studies aspects of the natural world and the important environmental issues we all face when traveling to the distant corners of the Earth.

Skip Novak, Director of Sailing Operations, EYOS Expeditions

Skip Novak

Director of Sailing Operations

Skip Novak is widely considered the world’s preeminent authority on polar sailing. In 2016, Skip joined EYOS Expeditions as Director of Sailing Operations, combining his unsurpassed expertise in both sailing and motor yachts under one company.

Director of Expedition Operations & Undersea Projects at EYOS Expeditions

Kelvin Murray FRGS

Director of Expedition Operations and Undersea Projects

Kelvin Murray earned his decades of hard-won knowledge through missions on every continent and every ocean. As an Expedition Leader, he has led numerous logistically-complex trips involving diving, submersibles, ROVs, mountaineering, kayaking, camping, hiking, filmmaking, and helicopter operations.

Brandon Harvey, EYOS Expeditions

Brandon Harvey

Director of Expedition Operations and Program Development

Over the past 20 years, Brandon Harvey has demonstrated his proficiency in developing the impeccable safety-standards, exceptional guest experiences, superior leadership training programs and engaging educational programming that are the cornerstones of his career.

Linnea Sjöberg

Client Services

Linnea Sjöberg has a passion for expedition travel and has spent her life traveling the globe. Her knowledge of the industry and the far-flung destinations we love to explore combine to ensure a smooth expedition for our clients, no matter the complicated logistics involved.

Don Walsh, Advisory Board at EYOS Expeditions

Captain Don Walsh, USN (Ret), PhD

EYOS Advisory Board

Don Walsh is an explorer and oceanography professor. As a member of our Advisory Board, Dr. Walsh connects EYOS to the latest developments in modern exploration and science.

Tamsin Vaughan

Client Director

With a passion for travel and invaluable industry connection, Tamsin brings to EYOS a talent for bringing to life once-in-a-lifetime voyages to yacht owners and charter guests.

Flip Nicklin, Photographer, Advisory Board at EYOS Expeditions

Flip Nicklin

EYOS Advisory Board

Flip Nicklin is widely regarded as the world's premier whale photographer. As an active and vital voice for marine mammal conservation, Flip brings his ability to inspire others and broad network to his role on the EYOS Advisory Board.

Captain Richard Bridge EYOS Expeditions

Captain Richard Bridge

Nautical Manager

Richard Bridge assists Captains on all manners of technical planning for their expeditions, from preparing the yacht and crew for the Polar Code to high level passage planning and worldwide deployment consulting.

Karen Horlick of EYOS Expeditions

Karen Horlick

Operations Manager

With over 20 years experience in expedition travel, Karen Horlick has found a home as the Operations Manager for EYOS Expeditions.

Olivia de Varreux

Olivia de Varreux

Field Staff Manager

Olivia de Varreux's background combining yachts and working on expeditions has given her a unique perspective that facilitates her role as EYOS’ Field Staff Manager.

Richard White of EYOS Expeditions

Richard White

Expedition Leader, Naturalist

Richard White is an expedition leader, naturalist and lecturer. An avid birder from an early age, he possesses uncanny wildlife spotting skills and is renowned for being an outstanding wildlife guide.

Mike Moore

Expedition Development

Mike was born in the wilds of Chicago. After university, he found himself working in a field camp amongst the bears and equally threatening fishermen of the Alaska Peninsula. This first experience in the wilderness led him to return to the prairie only long enough to earn a M.S. in Ecology, Ethology and Evolution.

Martin Enckell, Expedition Leader, Polar Divemaster, Photographer at EYOS Expeditions

Martin Enckell

Expedition Leader, Polar Divemaster, Naturalist

For 20 years, since he began his career at sea, Martin Enckell has been on the move. He has stood at the Geographical North Pole seven times. He has spent ten Austral summers in the Antarctic, five in the Arctic, and well over a year in the Drake Passage. He has crossed the Antarctic and Arctic Circles many times.

Sigrid Henjum, expedition guide for EYOS Expeditons

Sigrid Henjum

Expedition Leader, Kayak Guide

Norwegian Sigrid Henjum is one of the most experienced guides along the Norwegian coast. Inspired by the mountains, fjords and clear waters of her home in Western Norway, Sigrid is a ski, mountaineering and kayaking guide.

Justin Hofman Expedition Leader, Photographer, Naturalist, EYOS Expedition

Justin Hofman

Expedition Leader, Divemaster, Naturalist, Photographer

From white sharks in Africa to Sierra Nevada caves, Justin Hofman has traveled to every continent in search of wildlife. Currently, he splits his time between expedition ships, wildlife photography and illustration. He most enjoys when these disciplines converge to help inspire others to care about the planet.