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Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Africa aboard a heli-safari expedition.

From meeting Maasai warriors in Kenya and learning about their traditions to boarding a low-level flight through the spectacular Tekeze River gorge in Ethiopia, these journeys offer a new perspective on the continent, merging luxury and adventure for an epic journey. Soar over savannas, deserts and jungles, gaining a unique bird’s-eye view of Africa’s extraordinary landscapes and wildlife, including the chance to spot the “big five” – African elephant, lion, leopard, Cape buffalo and rhinoceros.


Thanks to nimble helicopters, heli-safaris provide unmatched flexibility and access to the hidden gems of Africa. These intimate small-group journeys avoid crowded tourist routes, providing the freedom to explore at your own pace. Expert guides enrich your experience, offering insights into local culture, wildlife, and conservation efforts.   

The adventure doesn’t end in the air. A bed under the stars; a picnic in a desert; tea on the edge of a volcanic crater— this is a singular journey specifically tailored to your own desires. We select intimate camps and lodges for you to unwind, ensuring every aspect of your journey is unique and unforgettable.