Seychelles and Madagascar

Venture to the remote islands of the Seychelles and Madagascar. Be totally alone to enjoy beaches and reefs most people can only dream of. The most beautiful islands in the world are waiting to be discovered on a voyage across the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.


Perhaps the most heavenly islands of all are the Seychelles. Far from the central islands, the giant tortoise rules the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Aldabra.


Discover the unusual flora and fauna of the “Eighth Continent” of Madagascar, and stroll through the crumbling ruins of colonial settlements in idyllic settings along the coast of East Africa.

Wander the legendary beauty of the beaches
Discover Madagascar's unique and unusual wildlife
Land at beautiful islands barely touched by man.
Come face to face with Tortoises on Aldabra.
Learn about unique flora from our specialists
Experience a more traditional pace.