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Expert Teams | EYOS Partnerships

As pioneers, our success and that of our clients have been intrinsically linked with exceptional partners who share our passion for pushing boundaries and protecting the natural world.

Together, we have redefined exploration, achieving remarkable feats in the remotest parts of the world that expand the horizons of possibility.

Expert Teams | EYOS Partnerships


EYOS Expeditions is a member of both IAATO and AECO. Our memberships assist in the cruise permitting process and ensure your expedition will be run according to the highest safety and environmental standards.


To help create the ideal globally-capable expedition yacht series–SeaXplorer–EYOS took over 150 design criteria to Damen. Working with their design team, EYOS advised on details from the hull form and bridge layout to the tender davits and Zodiac boarding arrangements.
Personal submersibles, like the Triton 3300/3, are an important feature onboard expedition superyachts. EYOS assists expedition vessels with all aspects of remote area diving and submersible operations, whether large research diving expeditions or vacation cruises. EYOS worked closely with Triton for the 5 Deeps Expeditions, and we can help anyone looking to purchase a sub with unmatched operational advice and expertise.
Founded by Olympic gold medalist Bode Miller and designed like no other skis, EYOS is proud to feature Peak skis aboard our heli-skiiing expeditions. The best all-mountain skis on the market, Peak incorporates Bode Miller’s 30 years of design acumen into a quiver of ripping all-mountain skis.
EYOS is a partner of Ocean Census, the largest program in history to discover life in our ocean, with the ambitious target of finding at least 100,000 new marine species in the next decade. Knowledge gathered will revolutionize our understanding of life and how to protect the ocean.
EYOS is a founding partner of Yachts for Science, an organization that brings yacht owners, crew and marine scientists together to create a global platform for marine research and discovery.
As partners with Nekton, a non-profit research foundation and a UK-registered charity, EYOS supports scientific exploration and protection of the ocean via innovative initiatives and vital missions, with a goal to protect at least 30% of the ocean by 2030.
Working with Yacht Carbon Offset, EYOS can counteract your yacht’s greenhouse gas emissions in a clear and auditable manner, which is backed by a Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Certification.
Co-founded by Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier, SeaLegacy is the global marketing, education, and communication agency for the ocean. At the nexus of climate action and sustainable solutions, SeaLegacy creates strategies and content that instills hope and moves audiences into action. EYOS supports SeaLegacy with expedition logitistics on explorer-led projects that illuminate and protect our ocean through science, exploration, education, and storytelling.