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Dagný Ívarsdóttir

Expedition Specialist

Born and raised in Iceland Dagný (pronounced like Tiny with a “D”) is a true Viking at heart. She firmly believes in Elves, Trolls, and the other supernatural forces that her people credit for Iceland’s mind-bending natural wonders. She has spent a good deal of her life overseas working, traveling and playing in the outdoors (usually backcountry skiing or mountain biking). She studied languages and business communications in Australia and Denmark and holds a Master’s degree in marketing and international business from the University of Iceland.

Expedition Background

Dagný has acquired travel expertise through various jobs behind the desk and in the field, from sales and marketing to planning and guiding adventure trips all around Iceland. Dagný has worked on small expedition vessels since 2014. She started out as a cultural expert, lecturer, zodiac driver and logistics co-ordinator in Iceland and coastal Europe with Lindblad Expeditions. Since then she has expanded and focused her expertise to the polar regions after working several seasons in Antarctica, Greenland and Svalbard as an expedition adventure guide, leading programs like kayaking, camping, heli-mountain biking and hiking.

Other interests

The pandemic of Spring 2020 saw Dagný landlocked in British Columbia, Canada, where she has been pursuing her passions for mountain biking, skiing, and kayaking. Before joining EYOS full time she split her land-based time between wrenching at a bike shop, teaching mountain bikers of all ages on Vancouver’s famous North Shore trails, and guiding heli-kayaking trips on secluded alpine lakes. Dagný is also a keen photographer, often capturing incredible moments on her adventures.