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Dr Jimmy White | EYOS

Jimmy White

Manager of Technical, Science and Conservation Projects

As a researcher with deep climate expertise, Jimmy obtained his PhD in Conservation Biology at James Cook University. He has been recognized as a Future Leader of Research in Australia for protecting species of conservation concern and conducted lectures on the intersection of innovative technologies and climate change.

His operational and commercial experience has transpired into meeting maritime and aviation industries’ commercial needs to drive aggressive environmental outcomes. To note, a sample of his work has dealt with alternative fuels, blue carbon and AI implementation to drive de-carbonization strategies.

Supplementary to this operational experience, Jimmy has acted as a subject matter expert for Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authorities, providing global leadership and commercial guiding, led expeditions for National Geographic to Antarctica, Russia & Trans-Pacific, delivered gender equality programs in Papua New Guinea and spent time in conservation across the Sumatran Jungle and Middle east.