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Moira Le Patourel

Expedition Guide

In addition to guiding in BC, Moira assisted with two grizzly bear-focused Ph.D projects involving motion-sensing cameras and worked alongside film crews during the filming of Disney Nature’s feature film, Bears.
After heading north to the Canadian sub-arctic and Arctic in 2013 as an Expedition Leader and then south to Antarctica in 2016, Moira has spent most of her work-life since then chasing the polar summers.

Moira has been part of expeditions to warmer climes as well; from kayak guiding in the Brazilian Amazon and coastal of French Guyana to leading land-based expeditions in central and western China in search of rare wildlife species. Other travels have taken Moira to Africa, Central America and the Bahamas, always with a wildlife and nature-intensive focus.

Moira enjoys lecturing about wildlife photography and will happily provide hands-on camera assistance. As a naturalist and guide, Moira enjoys sharing her knowledge of temperate and tropical ecology, her experience, and her love of the natural world from all vantage points – in a kayak, in a zodiac and on foot.