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Richard White

Expedition Guide

After graduating in the UK with a degree in biological sciences, he researched the impact of oil and gas exploration on seabird populations. His studies had him live for several years on small, isolated islands, including Ascension, the Falklands and the Seychelles. During this time, he also worked on various wildlife conservation projects.

Wildlife Expert

As a skilled presenter, Richard delivers custom-made wildlife lectures to a wide variety of clients and leads field outings worldwide with an emphasis on safety and education. His primary areas of expertise are ornithology and marine biology.

Expedition Experience

Richard has a vast amount of expedition experience. He has traveled to Svalbard, the Canadian Arctic & Northwest Passage, the Russian Arctic, the Antarctic Peninsula & Ross Sea, the Falklands, South Georgia, the Atlantic islands from the Azores to Tristan da Cunha, Alaska, the Amazon, the British Isles, the east and west coasts of South America, and the South Pacific and Indian Ocean.