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Tim Soper

Tim Soper

Founder, Expedition Leader

As Expedition Leader, guide and divemaster Tim made seasonal migrations between the Polar Regions and tropics, discovering the world’s most remarkable cruising grounds. His expeditions have ranged from the furthest north (geographic North Pole) to the furthest south (Bay of Whales, Antarctica, and a record-breaking furthest south for any vessel), and complete circumnavigations of both the Arctic & Antarctic. Along with well over 100 expeditions to the polar regions, he has spent years exploring the remote islands and coasts of all the oceans.

With his firsthand knowledge of practically every expedition destination worldwide, Tim is an invaluable resource for anyone considering making the voyage themselves. He is involved in planning and managing some of EYOS’ most complex expeditions, working with owners, captains, and charter clients to design their ultimate expedition itinerary.

Condé Nast Traveler

Every year since 2017, Tim has been selected by Conde Nast Traveler as one of their Top Travel Specialists We Trust, a testament to his expertise of expedition geographies and remote logistics. Travel agents and yacht brokers trust him to advise on over-the-top trips that are well beyond a normal holiday, extending the frontiers of luxury travel to Earth’s wildest places.


With over 20 seasons spent in the Antarctic, Tim understands the special considerations necessary to run expeditions here. He helped IAATO develop some of the key operational procedures that ensure Antarctic visits are managed safely and sustainably for the future.

Yacht Heliski Expeditions

A keen skier and snowboarder, Tim pioneered EYOS’s yacht-based heliski and ski mountaineering expeditions to Greenland and Antarctica. The concept of using a heli-equipped superyacht as a basecamp, or “floating ski lodge that moves to a new location each day”, to explore the otherwise inaccessible mountains and ski terrain is incredibly exciting and the ultimate backcountry experience.

Design Consultant

Tim’s decades of expedition experience have been instrumental in the design of new expedition vessels. His knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in extreme cruising grounds has proved invaluable for private owners and shipyards alike, informing several innovative designs which directly improve yacht owners’ and guests’ experiences. He was involved in the Damen Yachting SeaXplorer series from design to operation and led the first Antarctic voyage of La Datcha.

Yachts For Science

With a degree in Ocean Science, Tim is a passionate advocate for incorporating science into superyacht expeditions. EYOS has long worked with clients to make their voyages to these hard-to-reach places serve a more meaningful purpose by also contributing to research and conservation projects. As a founder member of Yachts for Science, EYOS helps match science projects with yachts keen to assist with their research.

Antarctic Expedition Experience

In addition to nearly 100 voyages to the Antarctic Peninsula, Tim has led both yacht and heli-equipped icebreaker expeditions deep into the Ross & Weddell Seas. He has completely circumnavigated the Antarctic continent, venturing to the far side of East Antarctica, and the seldom-visited Phantom Coast.

He has also managed film projects and fly-in expeditions in the Antarctic interior and South Pole. Always keen to explore, he has pioneered many new landings and discovered a previously unknown Emperor Penguin rookery.

Arctic Expedition Experience

As well as leading frequent expeditions to Norway’s Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, Tim has transited the North-East Passage, visiting the Russian High Arctic; Franz Josef Land, Severnya Zemlya and the New Siberian Islands, and reached the North Pole by icebreaker.

He has led world-first expeditions through the Northwest Passage, the Canadian Arctic, Alaska, Greenland & Svalbard, as well as sub-Arctic Iceland, Canada, Norway, Islands of the North Atlantic and Russian Far East.

Other Expedition Experience

Outside the polar regions Tim has experience , Tim has worked as Dive Guide or Expedition Leader on multiple crossings of the Indian and Pacific Oceans visiting some of the most remote islands, Madagascar & East Africa, throughout Southeast Asia including the Philippines, Indonesia, New Guinea, Vietnam, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Central America, the Caribbean, mid-Atlantic Islands and the coasts and great rivers of South America.