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These extraordinary expedition yacht charters are designed to take you on a captivating exploration of the world through a unique lens, whether it’s capturing the perfect shot on a photography expedition or commemorating a milestone birthday.

Step outside your comfort zone and embark on a voyage that resonates with your interests and aspirations, transforming ordinary travel into an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.


From the polar regions to the South Pacific, unique light, wildlife, and epic landscapes offer extraordinary photography opportunities. Join a professional photographer on the deck rail as they share their expertise and guidance, helping you capture dynamic, unforgettable images that last a lifetime.

Scuba Diving

Discovering the undersea on a diving expedition is a uniquely rewarding adventure, from swimming among schools of pelagic fish to exploring pristine coral reefs. Our featured yachts include state-of-the-art dive centers and complete sets of SCUBA gear for all.

Family Expeditions

Traveling by private yacht makes for an unforgettable family travel experience, allowing for generations to reconnect and pursue their own interests aboard and on land– a completely customized, once-in-a-lifetime expedition based on your own group’s needs and preferences. An expedition guide helps bring the experience to life, from snorkeling with sea lions to kayaking among penguins. With no pre-planned itinerary, the expert-led onboard team will create a flexible daily plan that’s curated to your family’s interests.


Heli-skiing has long been operated from resorts and backcountry lodges in prominent ski destinations. EYOS offers the opportunity to take the full heli-skiing experience to the furthest reaches of the globe. Heli-skiing via expedition superyacht offers unparalleled flexibility to explore beyond the beaten path. From towering fjords in Greenland to unclimbed summits in Antarctica, EYOS unlocks the unlimited potential of yacht-based heli-skiing and ski touring.


For fishing enthusiasts, chartering an expedition yacht is ideal, offering the opportunity to visit some of the world’s top fishing waters with maximum flexibility to chart your own course. Our featured yachts include all the equipment to ensure you make the most of your angling adventure.


A significant birthday, a recent graduation, the special wedding anniversary— once-in-a-lifetime events deserve special recognition. These are the moments to cherish and celebrate, with the freedom to explore off the beaten path. Whether it’s a family reunion beach BBQ in Polynesia or observing killer whales together from the bow in Antarctica, EYOS’s curated collection of superyachts, expeditions, and expert staff provides an unparalleled experience designed to make a lifetime of memories.