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As we look ahead to 2024, our expedition team has curated a selection of the world’s most remote, pristine destinations.

From crispy-cold virgin ski runs in Greenland to diving some of the world’s best coral reefs in Komodo National Park, each expedition offers a diverse mix of off-the-path adventures ideal for exploration by private yacht.


Heli Skiing in Greenland

When to go: April and May

Heli-skiing is the ultimate adventure. It has long been operated from resorts and backcountry lodges in prominent ski destinations. Now, EYOS offers the opportunity to take the full heliskiing experience to the furthest reaches of the globe, including the pristine slopes of the world’s largest island: Greenland. The protected fjords here offer unparalleled access to prime heli-ski terrain. No lift, no lines. As the helicopter disappears over the ridge, the sound of rotors fades to reveal the complete stillness and quiet of this wilderness at the end of the world. Ski from summit to sea on wide, treeless snowfields and down steep couloirs flanking glacier-sculpted peaks. Carve tracks where few have or will — from heights overlooking iceberg-choked bays and granite landscapes some 3.8 billion years old. Join Olympic gold ski racer Bode Miller and world champion skier Chris Davenport on a book-by-cabin Greenland heli-skiing expedition in April 2024 – contact [email protected] for details.

Wildlife Encounters in Antarctica

When to go: December – March


A vast continent of ice and the awe-inspiring power of raw nature, Antarctica is the world’s most pristine environment, offering unparalleled landscapes, natural beauty, and above all, an abundance of remarkable wildlife that can be found nowhere else. From penguin colonies numbering in the hundreds of thousands to whales hunting and feeding in the icy waters, it is a premiere destination for any wildlife enthusiast to get truly up close and personal. Ready to explore the White Continent? Join us in December 2023 aboard our Antarctica book-by-cabin expedition, or fully charter an expedition yacht with us– contact [email protected] to begin the adventure.

Photo: Jessie Johnson

Polar Bear Spotting in Svalbard

When to go: June, July, August

Svalbard, with its rugged mountains, colossal glaciers, and vast stretches of frozen tundra, offers an otherworldly experience. By far the largest wilderness area of Europe, the Arctic archipelago has a land area of 24, 721 square miles—about the size of the Republic of Ireland — with 60% of the land covered in ice. It is located halfway between mainland Norway and the North Pole and is home to just over 2,600 inhabitants, living in 4 small settlements. That number, though, does not include the region’s polar bears. Often referred to as the “polar bear capital of the world,” Svalbard boasts the highest density of polar bears on the planet. An estimated 3,000 polar bears reside in the archipelago, outnumbering the human residents. It is among the best destinations in the world to view these apex predators in their icy habitat. EYOS has unparalleled experience in the Arctic; our field staff members have completed hundreds of expeditions in polar latitudes, and share a passion for this extraordinary destination. Contact [email protected] to plan your own expedition yacht charter in Svalbard.

Photo: Reeve Jolliffe

Cultural Immersion in Papua New Guinea

When to go: June and July

A destination unlike any other, the country’s 5,000 different clans, together speaking over 850 separate languages, form the most culturally diverse nation on Earth. Similarly, the diverse landscapes that stretch from oceanic trenches to expansive tropical reefs provide home to five percent of wildlife species found on the planet. For those looking to experience an expedition in the true cultural sense, there is no place better. Hanse Explorer will visit Papua New Guinea on a 10-night book-by-cabin expedition in June 2024, contact EYOS at [email protected] for details.

Photo: Reeve Jolliffe

Diving the Coral Gardens of Komodo National Park

When to go: September

Just a short flight from the beaches of Bali, Komodo National Park is a place of truly diverse natural beauty and incredible wildlife. Offering signature pink-sand beaches and some of the world’s best diving, it’s a destination that won’t disappoint. Teeming with sea life, Komodo National Park’s plentiful coral reefs are considered some of the best in all of Indonesia. Dolphins and manta rays are common sightings, and the area is also on a whale migration route. In between dives, the island itself has incredible opportunities to explore the terrestrial diversity. The grassy sloped islands that make up the park offer visitors gentle trekking trails and beautiful beaches to relax on, as well as the opportunity to see the famous Komodo dragons, the largest living lizards on the planet. Explore this remarkable, diverse region in 2024– join a 10-night book-by-cabin expedition to Komodo aboard Lamima in September 2024. Contact [email protected] for details.