Diving in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a stunning destination best explored by private yacht. This country’s 5,000 different clans together speak over 850 distinct languages. They form the most culturally diverse nation on Earth.

Similarly, Papua New Guinea’s diverse landscapes, which stretch from oceanic trenches to expansive tropical reefs, are home to 5% of Earth’s species.

You will be overjoyed by the unparalleled diving and snorkeling.

Our expeditions ashore will leave you humbled by the warmth and sincerity of the welcome you receive each and every day.

Papua New Guinea is a diving mecca and anthropological marvel. An Expedition Leader who understands the people of this diverse nation and can guide you to the best locations both above and below the waves is key to a memorable sojourn.

Blonde hair locals are found in New Britain, New Ireland and the Solomons.
Baining Fire dances are one of the most mesmerizing human events on Earth.
diving with fish in Papua New Guinea
Vibrant marine life thrives on the reefs.
plane in Papua New Guinea
Haunting World War II wreckage can still be found in the interior of the island.
Ceremony on Vitu Island, Papua New Guinea
Communities welcome visitors in dramatic & impassioned ceremonies.
sailing in Papua New Guinea
Experience daily life in small villages on the coast.