EYOS Expeditions announces the appointment of Angela Pennefather as its Melanesian Representative and Expedition Coordinator.

Angela will act as a conduit between Captains and local communities to ensure the yacht’s smooth passage, adherence to cultural protocols and optimal guest experiences. Based in Cairns, Australia and Papua New Guinea, she can assist Captains with logistics before the yacht arrives as well as provide insight as an onboard guide.

Significantly, Angela is fluent in neo-Melanesian languages.

“In many ways this is the Wild West of yachting, and I tell Captains that if they want to maximize their chances of getting something done here, they need someone who can communicate effectively. Logistics and planning can prove to be challenging if you are not familiar with the country. It is a question of who you know counting more than what you know, and my job is to pave the way for reliable operations and take the headache away for Captains.”

Unlike most other destinations, PNG is a country of sub cultures. Successfully navigating through these often subtle differences from village to village can be a very delicate affair and the difference between a good experience and an extraordinary one.

Angela’s role begins even before a yacht arrives in Melanesia. Her services include assistance with provisioning, aviation support, visa assistance and importing of spare parts. Onboard, she acts as a resource for the Captain and crew as well as an expert guide for Owners and charterers if requested.

Born in Papua New Guinea but raised in a mixed race home, Angela has a unique perspective on Melanesian and European cultures. She began working on dive boats around PNG at the age of 15 before moving to Australia to complete her education and pursue her obsession with diving. In 2003, she began working on superyachts as Chef and spent over a decade at sea.

EYOS has deep roots in Melanesia

EYOS Founding Partner Rob McCallum lived in PNG for 12 years and routinely guides clients on both land and sea.

“PNG, Vanuatu and the Solomons are as authentic, genuine and exciting a destination as anywhere in the world. We want our clients to see as much as possible. We lead them on customized expeditions deep inland, arrange exhilarating cultural performances rarely seen by outsiders, and guide them through outer islands and deep into inland rivers.”

This year, EYOS will be onboard the expedition yacht Hanse Explorer in Melanesia along with other yachts based in the region.