In an effort to serve as a resource to Canadian Authorities and contribute to the creation and maintenance of processes that will ensure the responsible use of Canadian Arctic waters, EYOS recently attended the Canadian Arctic Operations Conference.

A History of Cooperation

Kelvin Murray, EYOS’ Director, Expedition Operations & Undersea Projects, was invited to participate in the recently held CMAC Regional Meeting. The CMAC (Canadian Marine Advisory Council) is a consultative body and its mission is to regulate shipping, navigation and marine pollution matters. Officials of Transport Canada Marine Safety and the Canadian Coast Guard chair the Regional meetings. EYOS collaborates, coordinates and consults regularly with the agencies.

EYOS has been contributing to CMAC meetings for several years. The motivation to contribute is fueled by a mutual interest in ensuring responsible use of Canadian waters. Kelvin has taken an active role in previous CMAC meetings. He has spoken as an invited expert on specialist topics including expedition planning, risk management and community engagement.

Because of his position on the Executive Committee of the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO), Kelvin also engages with CMAC to represent the interests of multiple expedition cruise operators.

Unique Partnership in a One-of-a-Kind Region

The Canadian High Arctic remains one of the most incredible and remote places on earth. EYOS’ frequent collaboration with Canadian Authorities and unmatched expertise in the region creates the opportunity for a unique partnership. EYOS remains dedicated to protecting all of the wild spaces on the planet and is proud to contribute to the processes that ensure that protection.

Kelvin commented; “The Canadian Arctic is a truly special place and our clients have a tremendous experience visiting the fabled Northwest Passage. CMAC is the ideal forum for all stakeholders to come together, engage and discuss on how best to preserve this wilderness, respect the cultural interests of the indigenous peoples of the North, and maintain respectful, sustainable operations. A proud member of AECO, EYOS are committed to working alongside all partners in the Arctic to deliver safe, responsible and enjoyable expeditions.”