EYOS Expeditions wants to bring a small group of Robb Report adventurers to a part of Antarctica that only a privileged few have explored. The three-week journey across the continent’s frozen interior retraces some of the routes taken by the first polar explorers—but this exclusive odyssey also traverses regions where no human has ever set foot.

Even for extreme off-roading, the itinerary is ambitious: The jet from Punta Arenas, Chile, lands at Union Glacier’s blue-ice runway on the interior and is followed by two five-hour flights in specially designed ski-equipped aircraft before you transfer to the vehicles and embark on a multiday crossing into the heart of the 9,400-foot-high polar plateau toward the Pole of Inaccessibility—so named because, as the farthest inland position from the Southern Ocean, it’s considered the world’s remotest point. Then it’s three more days to the geographic South Pole, where the team will enjoy Champagne and selfies under the mirrored ball atop the ceremonial South Pole.


Antarctica South Pole
Photo: ALE

As on any expedition, the group makes camp each night, cooks meals, and moves on the next day. But the unforgettable scenery and 24 hours a day of soft, photo-perfect light more than make up for the lack of amenities. Guests can ski ahead of the convoy or snowshoe onto ledges overlooking snowy valleys that extend for miles. The second half of the trip includes a journey across Leverett Glacier to the Ross Ice Shelf on the Ross Sea, before returning to the South Pole. The last jaunt is over the Ellsworth Mountains to Union Glacier for the flight back to Chile.

Photo: ALE