Since her launch in 2006, Hanse Explorer has represented the pinnacle in expedition yachting.

Her reputation and capabilities are due in part to a suite of top tier expedition gear, including a state-of-the-art full onboard diving center offering NITROX for self-contained dive operations, Zodiacs for shore landings and open water cruising, and wetsuits, masks, and snorkel gear. During the 2024 season Hanse Explorer will be sailing exclusively in the tropical waters of Melanesia. Ahead of these voyages, the Hanse team has expanded their tools for exploration, providing opportunities to dive deeper into the remote destinations she visits.

Dive tender
Specifically designed for handling divers and their equipment, the new 24 ‘7” RIB – C Series dive tender provides clients the ability to go further afield from the yacht at greater speed and in more comfort. The tender is equipped with suitable storage racks to safely secure cylinders and all other dive gear. Once at the dive site, clients have safe and convenient access into the water using the tender’s dive ladder.

4 Lefeet sea bobs
Lefeet sea bobs redefine aquatic exploration and provide an entirely different way to explore the underwater world. These compact underwater scooters offer effortless gliding through the depths, granting clients an unparalleled opportunity to immerse themselves in the marine world. With their intuitive controls and powerful propulsion, sea bobs enable swift and silent underwater maneuvers, allowing users to effortlessly swim alongside marine life or effortlessly explore hidden coves and vibrant coral reefs. Their eco-friendly design and minimal noise ensure a non-invasive interaction with the environment, making them an ideal addition.

4 double kayaks, 1 single kayak, and 2 stand-up paddleboards
Hanse has also added to its collection of paddlesport tools, like kayaks and paddleboards. During surface intervals between dives or as an alternate activity to snorkeling, kayaking provides a perfect window into the coral reefs of Melanesia, allowing you to look down from above through the crystalline tropical waters.

10 semi-dry suits for kayaks & paddle boards
One of Hanse’s strongest qualities is her ability to sail through both the tropics and the polar regions. Though there will be no need for dry suits in the warm waters of Melanesia, for voyages to Antarctica and the Arctic, she now has a collection of semi-dry suits to keep you comfortable as you paddle alongside glaciers and icebergs.

New gym
For time onboard, the yacht has also added a new CHRUSHIIT WAVE workout system designed exclusively for luxury yachts. The updated gym offers an unparalleled fitness experience to enhance the well-being and lifestyle of yacht guests. This innovative fitness solution is tailored to the unique needs of yacht enthusiasts, providing a comprehensive and luxurious workout experience that transforms onboard leisure time.