Congratulations to EYOS Expedition Leader Justin Hofman for being a Finalist in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition with the Natural History Museum in London.

The image can be seen at the Museum starting October 20th and then will travel the world as part of their show. Justin took the photo in Indonesia while on one of our expeditions.

Justin describes the moment he captured the photo

“We were snorkeling off the island of Sumbawa, enjoying a surprisingly healthy reef considering the proximity to a nearby town. After a short time the tide started to turn, and with it came this delightful little sea horse spotted by legendary wildlife spotter (and fellow EYOS Expedition Leader) Richard White.”

“At first the sea horse was on its own but then some sea grass came into the area. The tiny fish would move from one blade of sea grass to the next, almost like it was hopping along in the choppy water. Eventually, larger pieces of debris drifted over the reef and with it came trash and pollutants. The sea horse grabbed onto a wispy piece of plastic, which actually made for a better photo, for a short while before deciding on this water-logged cotton swab.”

“It was the most important wildlife scene I’ve ever documented and one that I had hoped would resonate with people.”

Congratulations again, Justin, and we look forward to more photos from your just completed season in the Arctic and your upcoming Antarctic season!