Why We Love It: La Datcha

Whether polar icebreaker, dive support vessel, luxurious yacht, or nimble sailing craft, EYOS will guide you to the best expedition yacht for your charter. In this ongoing series, we ask what makes the yachts we regularly work with so special. 

Part of the renowned new SeaXplorer series, La Datcha is the ultimate expression of the modern day expedition superyacht. As design partner, EYOS was instrumental in developing La Datcha and the SeaXplorer yacht series, contributing over 150 design criteria based on years of experience in the field. Everything from the hull form to the bridge layout and Zodiac boarding arrangements was planned with adventure in mind. With an enclosed hangar for two helicopters, a Triton sub, and extended bridge wings for better visibility during ice navigation, she is the ideal choice for epic exploration.

“I love La Datcha because she was born to explore;  it is her core purpose and one that is close to our hearts.  Everything about her is designed to facilitate and support expedition activities in the world’s most pristine and remote locations.  It’s like traveling in a cocoon of luxury that provides the launchpad for adventure, complete with submersible and two helicopters.  Her capabilities are off the charts…which is ironic because that’s exactly where she was designed to be.” – Rob McCallum, EYOS Co-founder

“It’s not how far you can go it’s for how long. So, as design partners, we ensured that La Datcha and the SeaXplorer range would have a 40-day autonomous capability. That means deep storage and plenty of spares.” – Tim Soper, EYOS Co-founder

“EYOS put over 100 design criteria points into the SeaXplorer range and it is the direct result of our expertise working on so many different vessels and yachts of all types over the years. There is so much that we love about the yacht– for instance, one of our biggest desires was to see a forward-facing observation lounge, with ready access to the open deck right at the bow. This is essential for a great expedition yacht, as so many of the experiences – whether watching whales or crunching through ice – are best seen from the bow. Of course, there is also the practical, too – the yacht has enclosed bridge wings that extend over the side of the vessel, which helps facilitate easier ice navigation. Or the dual helicopter hangars, allowing helicopter access in even the remotest region.” – Ben Lyons, EYOS CEO

Photo: Christopher Scholey

“Damen Yachting has not only built the SeaXplorer yachts series with some of the best naval architects and interior design firms in the world, but they also enlisted the expert consulting of the expedition leadership at EYOS, utilizing their combined decades of experience in the world’s most remote and challenging regions. The result is a best-in-class portfolio of expedition yachts that is capable of going anywhere in the world while providing owners with the ultimate superyacht comforts.” – Bill Springer, Forbes Columnist

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