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Whether polar icebreaker, dive support vessel, luxurious yacht, or nimble sailing craft, EYOS will guide you to the best expedition yacht for your charter. In this ongoing series, we ask what makes the yachts we regularly work with so special.

EYOS is excited to be offering a unique book by cabin departure in September 2024 onboard Lamima, the world’s largest wooden sailing yacht with deep ties to the Indonesian waters in which she sails. So, we joined owner Dominique Gerardin for a conversation on why she is so well suited for exploring the tropical waters of Eastern Indonesia and why she is a favorite of so many of our charter clients.

Lamima | Komodo Cruising | EYOS Expeditions

What makes Lamima different from other yachts?

Lamima is such a unique combination of a beautiful yacht, a beautiful crew, and a beautiful destination. Our guests’ comments consistently say that the Lamima experience is unforgettable because of the crew; their warmth, attention to detail, professionalism, and enthusiasm. From the very moment they step on Lamima, they immediately see all these welcoming faces, craving to give them the best holiday of their life in one of the most beautiful regions of the world.

Lamima | Sunset | EYOS Expeditions

Lamima stands out from other modern yachts on the water for obvious reasons. What is the history of Lamima and what was she inspired by?

Lamima was built to give our guests the best Indonesian experience. She was inspired by a photo of a 1912 phinisi build, an icon of Indonesia’s seafaring tradition. She is part of the heritage of the traditional boat building; these historic boats did not have engines and this is why our rigging is so prominent. While she is a traditional design, Lamima is also the most advanced traditional Indonesian yacht in terms of boat building standard, as she is the only phinisi with an international class certificate (RINA).

Lamima | Raja Ampat | EYOS Expeditions

With her sails and rigging, what does it take to sail a yacht like Lamima?

We need 10 crew to operate the sails and it’s an incredible site to see. Once they are set, her speed under sails is quite slow since we are very wide and heavy. Luckily we are not a racing boat. We are however beautiful under sail and it gives you time to relax and appreciate the landscape of Indonesia. It’s a much different experience than any other yacht on the water.

Lamima | Bar | EYOS Expeditions

Where does Lamima sail? What makes her well-suited for these regions?

We sail in Eastern Indonesia (East of Bali). As mentioned before we have a traditional shape so we blend perfectly with the stunning coastlines. Our crew is 100% Indonesian so the guests feel immersed in Indonesian culture. We always cruise areas with beautiful coastlines, world-class diving, and local culture. We have diving equipment for 14 guests and are registered as a PADI center. We normally have 1 dive master and 1 dive instructor, but for our special cabin cruise, we will have 2 extra dive masters for a maximum of 12 guests, making for an excellent ratio even for beginner divers.

Lamima | Spa | EYOS Expeditions

While she is charming and elegant, she is also equipped and capable. What toys and amenities does she have aboard?

We have diving and snorkeling equipment for 14 guests, one jetski, 2 jetboards, 2 wakeboards, waterskis, 6 standup paddle boards, 4 surfboards, 2 kayaks, 2 canoes, inflatable towed toys, fitness equipment (dumbbells 2-20 kg, spinning machine, boxing bag). One of our masseuses is a yoga instructor and will offer a yoga session every day at sunrise. We even have an ice bath.


In a unique opportunity, Lamima is available for a book-by-cabin voyage in September 2024. For these individual cabins, prices begin at USD 35,000/person for an epic 10-night voyage through the islands of East Indonesia. Contact EYOS at to learn more about sailing aboard this extraordinary yacht.