Whether polar icebreaker, dive support vessel, luxurious yacht, or nimble sailing craft, EYOS will guide you to the best expedition yacht for your charter. In this ongoing series, we ask what makes the yachts we regularly work with so special.

For an extraordinary adventure, you’ll need an extraordinary yacht. Enter Legend. Well-equipped to support everything from submersibles to heli-operations and dive expeditions, she ensures that big adventure can be found anywhere, whether you’re in the icy waters of Antarctica or the sun-dappled bays of the Mediterranean.

“We love her guest capacity. The fact that you can take 22 guests on Legend enables much larger groups to travel through the Antarctic pack ice. Plus, she’s this incredible self-contained unit with a helicopter and a submersible so that we can explore above and below the sea very easily on her. That combination is just something that very few ships have.” – Ben Lyons, EYOS CEO

“Legend is a rugged and nimble ship, beautifully constructed to explore the polar regions. While the interior is elegantly apportioned, she retains a warm, homey atmosphere, largely due to her crew’s passion for adventure, ice, and wildlife.” – Matt Drennen, Expedition Leader and Guide

“Legend is an extremely capable expedition platform and is ready for anything from sub dives to helicopter operations, Zodiac adventures or watersports. The crew is top-notch, providing seamless 6-star service, even when in full expedition mode in the polar regions – something that most expedition yachts cannot claim. Years of cooperation between EYOS and Legend have produced some incredible accomplishments for science and adventure, both above and below the ocean’s surface. Kayaking home past a zodiac mimosa bar after skiing Antarctic slopes down to the ocean? You bet they do.”Moira Le Patourel, Expedition Leader and Guide

“For many vessels, a visit to the polar regions is to venture into the unknown.  For Legend, it is going home.  She was created for these remote and pristine environments and is perfectly in her element when exploring the ice.  She offers a perfect platform for high-latitude adventures.”- Rob McCallum, Expedition Leader


“Legend provides the perfect platform to bring together large groups of family and friends. Her extensive entertaining spaces from dining areas, fireside seating, large jacuzzi overlooking the polar plunge platform, cinema, and spa provide something for everyone. The ultimate vessel for adventure with her own submersible and facilities for heli ops, it is no surprise clients return to Legend time and time again to explore the planet’s remote destinations.” – Tamsin Vaughan, Director, Charter & Business Development

“Legend is a sturdy and resilient platform that can safely break ice while our guests break bread. But what makes the ship truly exceptional is the level of professionalism of the crew and the effort they put forward during every trip. The ideas for once-in-a-lifetime experiences for our guests are extraordinary. From submarine treasure hunts to paddleboarding out to a tiki-themed bar on a drifting piece of ice, there is no end to the creative ideas that they push forward. “ – Taigh Macmanus, Captain of Legend