Whether polar icebreaker, dive support vessel, luxurious yacht, or nimble sailing craft, EYOS will guide you to the best expedition yacht for your charter. In this ongoing series, we ask what makes the yachts we regularly work with so special. Sherakhan is not your typical yacht. With a large guest capacity and a unique interior, Sherakhan is ideal for exploring the world in style.

Sherakhan will visit Antarctica later this year – contact us at [email protected] to learn more about chartering this special yacht in the White Continent.

“Sherakhan is a brilliant platform to experience the polar regions of Antarctica or tropics of the Caribbean and beyond. Her expansive deck spaces, various spacious interior and exterior seating areas, and multiple dining configurations including a dining table for 26 guests allow for multiple dynamics onboard, from huge celebrations to more intimate expeditions. Her enormous Jacuzzi on the upper deck and beach club area allow for utter relaxation whether it’s icebergs or palm trees on the horizon. 

The yacht’s love for discovery and exploration is reflected throughout the vessel with unique custom-made furniture and pieces, adding great charm and character which is unusual with many yachts. 

And fun is really built-in onboard Sherakhan whether onboard or in the water, with the ultimate toy collection from a giant slide to wave-runners, sea bobs, and everything you could wish for. Returning to the yacht’s beautiful spa before regrouping on deck for an alfresco BBQ creates unforgettable experiences. The long-standing crew is beyond brilliant and it is no wonder guests return time and time again to discover corners of the world with Sherakhan. 

Join us onboard Sherakhan in Antarctica this season!”

 Tamsin Vaughan, Director, Charter & Business Development

Photo: Christopher Scholey

“This isn’t your typical yacht. It’s rare to find a yacht that could take so many people. And Sherakhan has this. To be able to accommodate 22 guests in polar regions opens up so many possibilities for family or multi-generational groups. Key to this– there are a variety of spaces on board, whether it’s outdoor deck space or the comfortable interiors, there is always ample room for everyone to go off and find their own nook if they want. Or, if they all want to be together in one space- that is an option too. 


Guests love the unique and playful interior. She has a soaring seven-meter dining room that looks up into the bottom of the swimming pool, which allows natural light to filter down. This is wonderful especially in Antarctica, with its long day light hours. 


And the other thing is that the spirit is driven in large part by Captain Kevin, who always wants to do adventurous things and go out there to try something new. So there’s a great feeling of enthusiasm on the yacht and from its crew. It’s a truly fun yacht. All yachts have characters, souls, and personalities; this one is fun.” Ben Lyons, EYOS CEO