Yachting’s Hidden Gem: Hanse Explorer

Beginning in 2024, EYOS and Hanse Explorer will sail to Melanesia. Following her recent multi-million dollar refit, explore some of the top features that ensure access and an extraordinary experience in both the reefs of Melanesia and the glacially carved coves of Antarctica.

An expedition yacht in the truest sense, Hanse Explorer’s capabilities allow her to sail to all points between the Arctic and Antarctic with world-class amenities and expansive onboard spaces. EYOS and Hanse Explorer have spent several years exploring the polar regions. Beginning in 2024, this “go anywhere” yacht will sail to the vast waters of Melanesia. Hanse recently finalized a multi-million dollar refit, building upon her strong design and introducing new features that allow her guests to explore the world’s most remote and challenging destinations in new and exciting ways. Below are some of the top features that ensure access and an extraordinary experience in both the reefs of Melanesia and the glacially carved coves of Antarctica. 

1. Dive Center


    • Pristine coral reefs circle many of the islands on the tropical itineraries in Melanesia, home to a dizzying array of biodiversity best appreciated by diving. To best access the undersea world, the owners of Hanse Explorer designed a dive center equipped with a full Nitrox operation, large compressor, and complete set-up for 12 people and up to 2 divemasters. Nitrox is a special mixture of gasses that increases safety, decreases diving fatigue, and increases bottom time, providing maximum time to take in the beauty of the tropical coral reefs. 

2. Zodiacs


      • There might not be any other expedition tool as useful as a Zodiac. These maneuverable, inflatable crafts provide nearly limitless access to any coastline, cove, or cavern and allow for shore landings almost anywhere. Hanse Explorer comes equipped with two MK IV Zodiacs with Yamaha 4-stroke engines, ideal for landing on remote Pacific beaches.  

3. Stabilizers 


    • For difficult conditions in open seas, the refit of Hanse prioritized the installation of SKF zero-speed fin stabilizers to reduce rolling and increase comfort. Using cutting-edge technology, these fins ensure steadiness at sea even in the most challenging waters. And unlike most superyachts, hers are retractable, allowing for ice navigation!

4. Ice Class Hull


    • For the challenging conditions of the high Arctic and Antarctic, Hanse Explorer was purpose-built with a high commercial ice class (GL E3, equivalent to Finnish A1). Her reinforced steel hull has the strength to endure the intensity of driving through multi-year pack ice, and a booster mode makes it possible to increase the power when the yacht encounters heavy ice and needs an extra thrust to break free.
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