Day in the Life: Antarctica

Photo: Reeve Jolliffe

A day in Antarctica is a day unlike any other. The White Continent is a land of unrivaled beauty and unspoiled wilderness that provides opportunities for adventure that truly can be found nowhere else in the world. But what does “A Day in the Life” of expedition travel with EYOS really look like? 


Awake to View of Icebergs

Photo: Reeve Jolliffe

The day begins with a gentle wake-up at your leisure. From the warmth and comfort of your cabin, you glance out your window to see icebergs gently floating by as you cruise through the icy passages of the Antarctic Peninsula and awaken to the excitement of what lies ahead. The Antarctic morning air is crisp and invigorating, a reminder that you’re in a place like no other. After dressing warmly, you head to the ship’s bridge to speak to the captain and the expedition team about options for today’s activities. A hearty, gourmet breakfast awaits you in the dining room that will fuel you for the day’s adventures.

Ski Pristine Slopes

Photo: Mosaic Studios

The ability to ski down to wildlife is what makes this region stand out. Join expert ski guides for an outing to make a first ascent and descend on virgin slopes, all while millions of penguins, thousands of seals, and hundreds of whales await you at the bottom. While heli-skiing is the ultimate, ski touring is a peaceful and flexible way to experience the mountains without the need for a helicopter. It’s some of the world’s most unique skiing led by the most premiere guides. Plus, the long days stretch between 18 and 22 hours of sunlight so you can take as many runs as you’d like.



Savor a World Class Culinary Adventure

Photo: Christopher Scholey

Savor a 5-star lunch prepared by the ship’s skilled chefs. Indulge in mindfully sourced ingredients and innovative cuisine that reflect diverse and sophisticated flavors. As you dine, the breathtaking vistas of towering glaciers and icy landscapes provide an ever-changing backdrop, making every meal unique.

 Immerse yourself in the Penguin Colony at Neko Harbor

Photo: Reeve Jolliffe

The afternoon is reserved for your first steps into a penguin colony, as you set out on a land excursion to Neko Harbor. Watch the behavior of thousands of gentoo penguins as they build nests, feed their young, and call loudly through the colony. All of this with vistas of the glaciers that pour into the ocean waters around you. 

Take the Polar Plunge

Photo: Mosaic Studios

Brave the conditions, don your bathing suit and take the opportunity to jump into the icy 28F-degree water. While the shock of the water is quick, the memory (and the photos) will last forever.


Fine Dining and Conversation 

Photo: Reeve Jolliffe

Evenings are a time for indulgence and reflection. As you gather for an exquisite dinner, recount the day’s experiences with your group and share stories that will become cherished memories. EYOS’ commitment to luxury and comfort ensures that every aspect of your journey is a celebration of both the landscape and your group. 

Captivating Photography Opportunities

Photo: Reeve Jolliffe

Remarkable doesn’t begin to describe the sunlight in the Antarctic summer. At this latitude, the sun just barely sets, meaning that golden hour lasts for many hours and illuminates the mountains and icebergs in a magical light, casting long shadows and vibrant hues. Venture out onto the decks of the yacht to create images that show the dream-like nature of the landscape.


Photo: Reeve Jolliffe

As the day draws to a close, enjoy some of the yacht’s spa amenities or retire to your luxurious cabin, lulled to sleep by the soothing sounds of the ocean. Tomorrow promises more extraordinary adventures in this frozen paradise.

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