Antarctica is at once our nursery, playground and own backyard.

It’s where most of the EYOS Expeditions team became captivated by the thrill of expeditions. Although they now lead expeditions on expedition ships, private yachts and charter vessels all around the globe, Antarctica still beckons for ‘just one more trip’ each season.

During the 2010/11 season we will have 20 different personnel working on four to five different vessels along the length of the Antarctic Peninsula and out to South Georgia. Collectively they will have over 300 years of Antarctic experience! We can’t imagine there’s a rollicking good Antarctic yarn that they haven’t either been part of (or made up!)

For us it signals an important change amongst super-yacht owners. There is an increasing desire to get beyond the gentle waters of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean and to take their vessel to places that simply need to be experienced in order to by fully appreciated. The grandeur of Antarctica is breathtaking and will likely always be well beyond the abilities of any camera sent to try and capture it.

Voyaging into Antarctic waters has its own set of challenges and responsibilities, but increasing Owners and captains are picking up this challenge and with adequate advice and support, heading south to the world’s ‘Last Continent’.