Central America & Baja

Both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts of Central America offer tropical wilderness as virgin forest meets the sea along beautiful deserted beaches. Baja offers possibly the best whale watching in the world, and away from the crowds, explore the forests of Costa Rica and Panama along the vast tracts of coastline only accessible by sea.

Use your tenders to cruise inland up mangrove-lined rivers. Watch wildlife in the forest and reach isolated villages cut off from the modern world. Offshore islands offer world-class game fishing, diving and stunning anchorages and beaches. Further north, sail through the Baja Peninsula and along the Gulf of California. Snorkel with inquisitive sea lions or enjoy perfect conditions for whale watching in the calm waters of the gulf. Be inspired by intimate encounters with grey whales and their calves in the lagoons of the Pacific Coast and encounter giant blue and sperm whales in the Gulf of California.

Experience joy as large pods of dolphins weave and frolic off your bow
Baja is teeming with marine life and vast colonies of seabirds
Kayak from pristine, remote beaches
Baja & Central America are perfect destinations for families
Zodiac next to Grey Whale in Baja California
Find memorable encounters with baby grey whales in tranquil Baja lagoons
Too-good-to-be-true sandy cays dot Central America's coastline