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South Pole and Deep Antarctic Logistics

A visit to the South Pole elicits a sense of adventure and daring that few destinations can match.

At the very bottom of the world, the heritage of Scott and Amundsen’s heroic, and tragic, race to the South Pole is brought to life. For the most adventurous few, a visit to the South Pole is the ultimate journey.

Arrive at the South Pole on a private, chartered flight, visit an Emperor Penguin colony, and flightsee around Vinson Massif. Explore ice caves and unworldly landscapes that will linger in your memory long after you return to comfortable camps at the Pole. 

EYOS can arrange both day and overnight visits to the South Pole. As a bespoke provider, we can advise you on the different options and possibilities for Deep Antarctic travel and ensure you reach this most exclusive of destinations.

Technical Expeditions in Antarctica

When you are ready to explore the continent beyond South Pole, EYOS can manage your technical expeditions and bespoke projects deep within Antarctica. We have decades of experience on Antarctica and expertise in polar logistics.

Fly private aircraft in the most remote region possible
Rock climbing is one of the extraordinary opportunities that awaits
Kite Surf over ice on the Antarctic continent
Run complex operations smoothly with help from our experts in Antarctic logistics
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Enjoy comfortable and spacious accommodations while on the continent
Hike in breathtakingly beautiful and stark landscapes