Ice Piloting with CEO Ben Lyons

EYOS has the rare privilege of being helmed by Ben Lyons, a CEO who has not only worked extensively as an expedition captain, but also still serves as an active ice pilot on trips in the polar regions. Join us for a conversation about how his background on the seas has influenced the ethos of the company and his approach to creating the ultimate expedition experience for clients.

The Many Cultures of Papua New Guinea

With an estimated 5,000 clans and over 850 languages, Papua New Guinea is one of the most culturally diverse destinations in the world. The resulting kaleidoscope of forms in art, dance, weaponry, costumes, singing, music, architecture places the island nation among the best destinations to explore and share culture.

Staff Spotlight: Richard White

EYOS Expedition Leader Richard White is one of the most experienced birders in the world. In honor of Global Big Day, we spoke with Richard for this month's Staff Spotlight series about his extensive background and his favorite birding spots.

The Ross Sea: The Other Side of Antarctica

Tourism in Antarctica is booming. And though by no means mainstream, the White Continent offers opportunities for those looking to go even further off the beaten path and into the unknown. The Ross Sea, a deep and biodiverse bay dividing East and West Antarctica, might be the best of these. 

Logbook: Yachts for Science

In this ongoing series, we revisit some of the special projects that EYOS has supported over the years through expertise in marine logistics and operations. This week, we look into a collaborative effort to further understand and research our world's oceans with Yachts for Science.

Captain’s Spotlight: Jens Köthen & Hanse Explorer

EYOS is lucky to work with some of the most accomplished and capable captains in the industry. This includes Jens Köthen, one of the men at the helm of Hanse Explorer. Join us for a conversation with this intrepid captain about sailing a world-class expedition yacht, charting exploratory courses through ice, and sharing the world’s most remote destinations with guests.

The Nippon Foundation & Nekton announce Ocean Census – “race against time” to discover ocean life prompts launch of global initiative – EYOS partnering

The largest program in history to discover life in our ocean has been unveiled with the ambitious target of finding at least 100,000 new marine species in the first decade. Knowledge gathered will revolutionize our understanding of life on Earth and how to protect the ocean - the environment responsible for much of the air we breathe, regulating our climate, and a vital food source for billions.

Logbook: Diving to Molloy Deep

In this ongoing series, we revisit some of the special projects that EYOS has supported over the years through expertise in marine logistics and operations. This week, with the onset of the Arctic summer, we look back to 2019’s historic deep sea dive to Molloy Deep, the deepest point of the Arctic Ocean and the culmination of a historic project. 

Staff Spotlight: Doug Stoup & Mark Sedon

Doug Stoup and Mark Sedon are among the world's most accomplished polar ski explorers. They bring years of unmatched knowledge and experience to the EYOS team, helping to share the world's most extreme destinations with guests. For our ongoing Staff Spotlight series, we spoke with Doug and Mark about their Antarctic adventures and what about the place continues to call them back.

Vogue: Once In A Lifetime

Corey Seymour of Vogue recently joined EYOS Expeditions for an adventure into the crystalline waters of French Polynesia aboard Hanse Explorer. Read more about the thrill of the tropics below.

Warm Water & Warm Hearts in Fiji

Forbes Senior Contributor Bill Springer shares his recent once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Fiji. While there to become SCUBA certified, Bill soon realized it would be “more than fun. It was going to be special.”