Witnessing Ritual: The Land Divers of Pentecost

The diversity in human culture is as widely varied as any landscape or wildlife we discover on our expeditions. And often, these cultural traditions are deeply rooted in the natural landscapes themselves. Nowhere is this more evident than on Pentecost Island in the Pacific paradise of Vanuatu.  Here, deep in Melanesia, the people use the lush jungle vines as part of a cultural ritual and the world’s most breathtaking display of human bravery – land diving. 

International Day of Forests

March 21st marks the International Day of Forests, a United Nations-designated celebration of all the world’s forests, a reminder of the innumerable ways in which they benefit us, and a call to action to protect them. From the air we breathe to the materials we depend on, the forests of the world influence our everyday lives. Journey with us as we explore the vast diversity of our forest ecosystems. 

Staff Spotlight: EYOS Co-founder Tim Soper

Today, Condé Nast Traveler recognized EYOS co-founder Tim Soper as one of 2023’s Top Travel Specialists - his 7th consecutive year to win this honor! We sat down with Tim to discuss his unparalleled experience in the expedition world, some of the exciting accomplishments that led to this award, and what he thinks the future holds for expedition travel. 

Yachting’s Hidden Gem: Hanse Explorer

Beginning in 2024, EYOS and Hanse Explorer will sail to Melanesia. Following her recent multi-million dollar refit, explore some of the top features that ensure access and an extraordinary experience in both the reefs of Melanesia and the glacially carved coves of Antarctica.

The Song of the Humpback

Across the Pacific, scientists are making discoveries about the song of the humpback whale. The findings are telling us about the behavior of the whales and even a bit about ourselves.

80 Degrees North, 100 Feet Down: Staff Spotlight with Kelvin Murray

EYOS' Director of Expedition Operations & Undersea Projects, Kelvin Murray, has logged over 500 dives in the world's polar regions. For our ongoing Staff Spotlight series, we spoke with Kelvin about his extensive diving experience in the challenging conditions of regions like Svalbard and what makes these places so special.

Ski Exploration in the Arctic

In the summer of 1888, Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen set out on a daring expedition to become the first to traverse Greenland by ski. In doing so, he set the stage for us to continue his legacy of ski exploration in this Arctic dreamscape.

Departures Magazine: Heli-skiing in Greenland with EYOS

Writer Elissa Polls joined EYOS aboard Nansen Explorer heli-skiing in Greenland, and wrote about it in the November 2022 issue of Departures Magazine. "They have raised the bar on exploration travel," she writes about EYOS. Polls described the exhilaration of having breathtaking peaks and virgin snow all to herself: "Standing atop a mountain without another soul in sight; it takes your breath away." To inquire about carving your own fresh tracks on a yacht-based Greenland hello-skiing expeditions, contact info@eyos.com.

EYOS CEO Ben Lyons Shares his Impressions of Octopus

EYOS CEO Ben Lyons is back from 5 days as a guest aboard Octopus. While EYOS has worked with Octopus many times before, this was his first time as a guest on board. Since it's the yacht we, the office-bound EYOS daydreamers love best, we peppered Ben with questions and came away with a rewardingly personal 'insider' perspective to share.