Many of us in the nautical world watched James Cameron’s recent deep dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench with fascination; a private citizen accomplishing something that no government has done since 1960.

An awesome technical achievement accomplished under tight security that allowed a private citizen to re-visit to most extreme depths of the abyss.

EYOS Expeditions staff were heavily involved in the preparation for the deep dive and coordinated all of the in-country logistics for the Project Deep Challenge training programme undertaken in Papua New Guinea immediately prior to the successful dive.

The month long programme was executed off the coast of New Britain which has depths of 8000m just a few miles offshore. Project Deep Challenge wanted their arrangements handled by someone who knew PNG, and as it transpired our experience with coordinating ships, charter aircraft, helicopter logistics, and expedition equipment proved invaluable.

Papua New Guinea can be a tough place to operate; it’s at the end of a long supply chain and as most things need to be imported, delivery times are always a bit suspect. Infrastructure is a little shaky in places to things like tele-communications and electricity are not always reliable in outer areas. Having someone with a lot of PNG experience handling arrangement, and having someone on site can make a huge difference.

Since Project Deep Challenge, we have had a swell of interest in clients wanting to explore PNG. Although PNG cops a lot of bad press, it offers some of the most amazing diving in the world (even at depths well short of 8km’s!), un-paralleled cultural diversity and some of the most rewarding expedition cruising to be found anywhere in the tropics.

The best way to see PNG is by small private yacht, with occasional forays into the Highlands and the more remote parts of the country.

For amateur anthropologists, photographers and anyone with a sense of adventure, PNG is perhaps the ultimate tropical expedition.